If you’ve been obtaining penetrated some of iOS 8 beta’s brand-new features and quirks, there are definitely some that you may have missed.

hidden features iOS 8 beta

Apple pushed some significant adjustments with this new release, but there continues to be an abundance of lesser-known modifications and additions to the current version. Here, we run via several of them.

Rich Text Support In Notes App

The notes app has constantly been a bog-standard note-taker, yet with rich content modifying, is now simply a bit less fundamental.

Rich Text Notes

Simply choose the content strand you’ve written and you’ll exist with choices such as Bold, Italics, Underline etc. You could now also include photos in Notes app too, which is a wonderful addition for those who love jotting down photo notes.

Rearrange iOS 8 Share Sheets

When you’re making use of the “open in” or “share by means of” function installed into the majority of apps, you’re often dealt with to a lot of alternatives that you’ll seldom use. In iOS 8, you could edit this to reveal exactly the share options you want to view, in addition to changing the format at your discernment.

Rearrange Share Sheet

Merely touch and hold the choice you would like to move and you’re gold.

Self-Timer In Camera App

Third-party apps have been offering a self-timer to permit you acquire into photos you would certainly otherwise be taking, and now, this function comes indigenous by means of a little button at the top of the user interface.

Self Timer

Tapping on said button will allow you to establish a timer for 3 or 10 secs.

Time-Lapse Videos

By swiping completely left when approximately to tape-record a clip, you’ll be met with a user interface that enables you to modify the settings for your extremely own time-lapse videos.

Time Lapse Video

Medical ID In Case Of Emergency

Found within the new Health and wellness application, this is one of those functions that could, fairly actually, be a life-saver. To produce your Clinical ID, launch the Wellness application and make one.

Medical ID

As soon as you’re in the Emergency dialer on the lock screen, merely touch the Medical ID button.

Grayscale Mode

This great little function permits you make iOS 8 grayscale, eliminating all the bright shades and taking you back in the 1940s.

Grayscale Mode

Simply gone through Settings > )General > )Availability)Grayscale, and you’ll be able to enjoy iOS 8 in monochrome, black-and-white loveliness.

Request Desktop Site In Safari

Mobile Safari has never ever been versatile, however among the frustrating limitations compared to the likes of Chrome has actually remained its inability to fill desktop models of sites. Now, however, you could do so, and although this feature ought to have shown up years back, we’re delighted that we can now switch over to the complete site in an easy manner.

Request Desktop Site


Manual Exposure And Focus Control In Camera App

The camera app has ultimately been paid for a degree of regard, with Apple stuffing in several brand-new attributes, and now, point-and-shoot followers could finely tune direct exposure and focus.

Manual Exposure

Simply tap and pursue lock your focus onto a particular subject, and a simple slide gesture up or down can be utilized to fine-tune the exposure.

Battery Usage Per App

As explained, you could now view which apps are sapping those valuable droplets of energy. This particularfunction is found within Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage.

Battery Usage

This feature is a fantastic means to track down which application is using electric battery the most, and consequently you can make a decision whether to uninstall that particular app or disable ambient application update to conserve battery.

Auto-Delete Messages

This story feature – perfect for enthusiastic texters – enables the individual to state the size of time for which a talk is held. Suitable if you’re regularly having to go through a stockpile of inactive or otherwise repetitive messages and take out manually.


You could set the limit to 30 days, one year or “forever” by heading to Settings > Messages > Store Messages.

Hide Photos In Photos App

This one’s a brilliant addition to iOS 8. You could now hide your photos in the Photos application by merely touch to hold on a preferred picture you wish to conceal then tap on Hide.

Hide Photos

Bear in mind though, this will simply hide the photo from the Moments and Collections perspective, it will still be – apparent in Albums. Nonetheless, a fantastic and handy function.

So, there you have our round-up of cool iOS 8 beta suggestions and tricks. There are numerous additional, however these are some we found to be most appealing, and if you’re running the newly-released beta, be certain to acquaint yourself with a few of them!

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