For as much as I adore my iPhone and iPad, they never ever appear to have enough free storage space for all the motion pictures I intend to view.

Rav Power

While trying to find a great remedy, I found the RAVPower RP-WD01 Wireless FileHub. It’s a fascinating, and useful device that’s going with US$ 44.95 online. It’s a little much shorter compared to my iPhone and a bit bigger, so it suits a pocket or a laptop computer bag easily.

The RAVPower is no “uni-tasker.” It’s a battery data backup, a wireless router that works as a WiFi hotspot, a NAS documents web server (network attached storage space), and a media streamer.

What it does

The RAVPower lets you transfer images, songs or data in between iOS devices and an SD Card or a USB HDD. You could additionally relocate data in between the SD card and a connected USB drive. The RAVPower streams music, or video clip.

The small unit has a 3000 mAh battery for billing mobile phones, and using its NAS documents server, you could hook up several tools like a laptop computer, iPhone, iPad or desktop computer device all at the very same time (around 5 gadgets). The firm supplies a free iOS app, or desktop and laptops can attach via a web interface from any kind of internet browser.


  • CPU: Ralink RT 5350 MIPS24KEc 350 MHz, 4.65″ x 3.11 x 0.55, weight 4.23 oz
  • WiFi Frequency: 2.4 GHZ Speed: 72Mbps at 20Mhz / 150 Mbps at 40MHZ
  • External Electric battery Pack: 3000 mah 1.5 A Maximum Input 1A Output
  • Energy: SD Card Read/Write 2W HDD Sleep Mode 1.5 W. SD Cards approximately 128 GB are sustained, USB HDD disks of approximately 2 TB are supported, SD Card Speed: Read: 3MB/S Create: 3.5 MB/S, USB Interface: Micro USB 2.0.

Using RavPower

I billed the small gadget for a couple of hours and downloaded and install the RAV FileHub app to my iPhone and iPad. Following I linked to my wireless network and previouslied owned provided password I located the RAVPower SSID and linked. Then I ripped some DVDs to my computer system and dragged them onto the SD card which was linkeded into my Mac. Handbrake works fine for this, or you may have your very own recommended software program.

From there, all that was delegated do was placed the SD card into RAVPower’s slot. Within a married couple of seconds my movie was playing on my iPad. Also better, both my iPhone and iPad can stream two different motion pictures at the very same time. That may be helpful while while driving with the family members. Although my iOS tools were connected by means of WiFi to the RAVPower, I still had Internet access as the RAVPower was authorized into my home network and serving as a Location.


The RAVPower is now an important piece of set for travel and media playback. I can load an SD Card up with music, motion pictures, documents, whatever. The RAV Filehub application will certainly playback audio and most video formats without issues. Photos could be seen, and any sort of data could be emailed directly from the RAV FileHub application. There is also a search feature. The RAVPower is a genuine Swiss Army Knife for trip or also around your home. It could bill my iPhone or iPad, play media data, lets me share media and files from a large storage space tool that well augments my full-to-the-brim iPad and iPhone.

I have actually also liked the AirStash (our evaluation from a couple of years ago), which seems like a tiny flash drive that uses an SD card for playing films or data sharing, yet when you link by means of WiFi you lose your normal Net connection. It’s mostly a media streamer, but doesn’t charge your device or act as a router. The AirStash markets for $ 89.99 online.

I saw no concerns with my device. It could use up to a minute for the network to be working prior to you can hook up. Usually it had to do with a 30 second delay.

The RAVPower can talk with either iOS or Android, and the iOS application needs iOS 4.3 or later on.

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