There aren’t many distinct iPhone devices nowadays, with the majority of situations and skins being improvements over alreadying existing styles, however the Slipstopper handles to sculpt its very own little specific niche. It’s possibly the most literally named accessory of all time, with its main function being its ability to stop your device from sliding, and in that respect it’s a very remarkable item.


There isn’t much to the Slipstopper: It’s a thin gel skin that suits to the back of your iPhone through a sticky backing. The Slipstopper comes in colors to match the different iPhone 5s, 5c and 4s versions, with a solitary slot chopped out for the video camera lens and flash, and a vaguely apple-shaped hole to display your phone’s logo. The package deal also features a screen protector, which is necessary given that the Slipstopper avoids you from equipping your phone with a situation, bumper or various other skin.


The Slipstopper is incredibly grippy on almost every kind of surface area you could envision. I tried it out on a vehicle dash, the side of my sofa, numerous chairs, workdesks and kitchen counters, and as long as the surface area was relatively clean, it was consistently able to grab on.

The key to utilizing the Slipstopper on a glossy or difficult surface is to ensure you have actually brushed any dirt apart in advance of time. If not, the tacky skin is merely visiting get hold of the dirt and slide on down. You do not need to whip out a bottle of cleaner each time, but a minimum of clean the surface area with your hand beforehand.

You can take out and replace the Slipstopper several times, or a minimum of I have managed to without concern. The glue support stays sticky with a number of uses so if you happen to change your phone, you must have no trouble changing it over.


One point to bear in mind with the Slipstopper is that while it supplies protection for the rear of your phone, the sides are very much still in danger of a decrease. If you’re somebody that drops your phone frequently, you may locate that a situation that supplies complete protection is a better bet for you, as you could possibly still understandably ruin your tool fairly terribly with the Slipstopper mounted.

However, if your largest pain regarding your iDevice is that it can not hold on for dear life when you establish it down, the US$ 19.99 Slipstopper executes very well.

Ranking: 3 from a possible 4 stars

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