The iPad Air 2 is a true stunner not just when it concerns performance, but that extremely smooth covering that houses all those powerful parts is really extraordinary too. If the room grey, gold, as well as silver colour versions don’t please your fancy here’s some bling; enter into – – the 24K gold plated iPad Air 2.

If the gold version of iPad Air 2 was simply not gold enough for your royal needs, Vietnamese jewelry expert Karalux has actually made a decision to resolve that, and is currently shipping 24K gold plated iPad Air 2 devices to clients.

iPad Air 2 gold main

It isn’t the first time that mobile devices have actually been given the ‘‘ gold’ procedure as the technique was very first observed back in the days of Nokia’s S40 and S60 powered devices, and also were being touted as high-end hardware at the time. It’s pretty basic you see, if you enjoy gold plated watches, then these gold layered iPads will likely be on your list.



That said, these iPads do not come affordable in any way and also will set you support a handsome $ 1, 173 for the beginning 16GB design which is a great $ 674 greater than the list price of the device, if you were to buy it straight from the Apple Store. You can actually get an iPad Air 2 and also an iPhone 6 with all that cash you have to exempt for a gold plated Apple tablet. The 64GB model of the gold layered tablet computer can be retrieved for around $ 1,315 so we are checking out roughly a $ 600 to $ 700 premium for the gold layered slate.



Karalux is likewise offering the iPad mini 3 with the 24K gold plating if you want to get hold of the more youthful sibling from Apple, or if you’re a lot more into BlackBerry phones, the Vietnamese jeweler had actually likewise showcased the most recent Ticket with 24K gold plating.




The iPad mini 3 was without a doubt one of the most non-exciting launch at the Apple occasion in Cupertino last month, presenteded with the absence of performance enhancements over the iPad mini 2, where the mini 3 had just the Touch ID House button and also the gold color to distinguish itself from the remainder of the ‘mini’ schedule. It is additionally reported that Apple may be wanting to drop the iPad small lineup in support of the speculated iPad Pro.

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