Kickstarter can be the house to some instead odd and, truthfully, abysmal ideas, yet occasionally there’s a little gem hanging around to be found. One of those treasures is the Log cabin iPhone battery and billing system and, if we could be so bold, we would certainly have to say it’s very damn amazing.


The Kickstarter project itself is for a an iPhone 5 and 5s battery instance, but it’s in fact considerably, a lot more compared to that. While the suggestion of a battery case is absolutely nothing new, the Log cabin is a magnetic event that rests behind the iPhone instead of the iPhone sitting inside it. Yet there’s additional to this little wonder compared to that.

Apple’s Lightning adapter is just a couple of years old now, and beyond the fact that the cable televisions often break down when you look at them a little comical, we would certainly need to state that Apple’s onto a winner with it. Having the ability to plug things whatsoever you such as is an advantage to state the least, especially when you’re utilized to eliminating with an aged 30-pin dock connector. Yet if there’s one connector that ares better than the Lightning port, it’s Apple’s own MagSafe – – the connector that powers the firm’s portable computer systems.

If you have actually not yet determined where this is going, then you’re in for a treat.


Like all battery cases, Log cabin requires a method to attach the phone to the electric battery, and it does that using an adapter that’s really, very like MagSafe. Actually, it’s so similar we wouldn’t be stunned if Apple has something to claim regarding whether Cabin ever before pertains to fulfillment, but we’ll look past that meanwhile.


Utilizing a MagSafe-like adapter that connecteds into the iPhone’s Lightning port, the Cabin asks for the phone when required. There’s likewise a MagSafe-like adapter that will certainly take a Lightning wire in one end and spew power out of the other, which’s how you ask for the case. Exactly what’s actually awesome though is that the case isn’t really even required, due to the fact that the adapter can be used to ask for the iPhone directly, as well. It’s magic, and we like it. Sadly, even if the Cabin acquires fundinged – – which it currently has, by the way – – there are still a lot of hurdles to leap via before it’s all set for delivery.


We truly wish that this comes true, but however, we have our uncertainties. Let’s hope we’re incorrect.

Be sure to take a look at the video revealing Cabin in all its magnificence on its Kickstarter web page, too!

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