Frequently, when you capture somebody peering over your shoulder while you’re engaged with your mobile device, they’re merely being nosey and attempting to tear on your business. But there are legitimate factors for others damaging this delicate social manners, namely to look into applications of passion that you might have set up. Instead of commit the ultimate artificial pas, and, you recognize, have a discussion that doesn’t involve some measure of digital intervention, a new service offers an unique, ingenious method for you to find and download applications that someone has on their device. It’s called #Homescreen, and you could learn even more after the leap.

Homescreen main

In addition to asking, taking a screenshot and sharing it over Twitter or a similar system, there’s no specifically excellent way of discussing a home screen configuration, or even if you do have a freeze-frame of somebody’s iOS symbols, you should then continue via the tiring rigmarole of by hand searching for and downloading the applications concerned – – this being if you even desire them in any way.

This is where #Homescreen throws its hat right into the ring. Produced by Betaworks, the app doesn’t totally break from convention in that it still needs iOS users to capture screenshots, but thereafter, users can going over to for a thorough, interactive take a look at every app shown. By hovering over an app, you get a full description, after which, you can effortlessly download and install and install stated app or game.


It’s a novel service that additionally means if you are prowling over at someone else’s device, they can discuss the apps with you in a swift, efficient manner, and if #Homescreen does catch on, it might truly transform the way we check out brand-new content on iOS.

What started as something of an experiment is now a fully-fledged app, and if, like us, you’re constantly in the market for some new home screen straw, this is one app you will not would like to pass up on.

#Homescreen is entirely free, and at just 0.6MB, leaves each one of your storage space for the apps you’ll go on to find.

(Download: #Homescreen for iPhone on the App Store)

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