This Apple patent probably isn’t about iOS operating on the Macintosh [Poll]

Patently Apple includes a bit titled Apple Invents an Interface for Combinable Digital iOS Desktops on the Mac. It references a patent which Pennsylvania indicates is for a Mac that would be used-to operate (or at minimum display) iOS apps.

Although that’s no difficult meaning of the largely-worded patent, it doesn’t appear a probable one. The patent mainly explains something such as Areas about the Mac, but put on additional digital devices like iPhones and iPads.

The embodiments thus explain individual interfaces for digital desktops shown on an electric device. In certain embodiments, each digital pc is of a related application. By instantiating multiple virtual desktops which are each related to an application, a number of application windows for that application are shown in a related digital pc. In certain embodiments, numerous virtual desktops could be combined in order to display application windows from numerous virtual desktops in one single combined digital pc.

The website is latching onto one reference to a laptop and a few mentions of desktop computers.

In certain embodiments, device 300 is just a notebook computer, a pc computer, a pill computer, a media player device, a navigation device, an academic device (like a kid’s understanding doll), a gaming console, or perhaps a handle device (e.g., a house or commercial control).

Pennsylvania ties this up with one of the most significant sketches which seems to display an iOS House display on the bigger device.spaces

Nevertheless, because the patent explains digital desktops about the same device, we believe this can be a misinterpretation, and that Apple is just addressing its angles by detailing each and every kind of digital device. The example is probably something such as Reveal (or Objective Handle) about the Mac, where you are able to observe at a look all the apps available on personal desktops.

But because we’re about them, is operating iOS apps on the Mac anything you’n like to determine? Consider our study, and please clarify your factors within the remarks.

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