Nike’s FuelBand might be seen by some as a little of a pricey trick, however despite the naysayers, it proceeds to market in rather sturdy numbers. Along with developing an increasing number of admirers, FuelBand now shows up in a wide variety of different colors and models through FuelBand SE, and is as stylish as it is useful. With this in mind, UI layout master Todd Hamilton has offered his take on the enigmatic Apple iWatch by basing it heavily upon close buddy Nike’s likeable device, and the result is genuinely something to observe.


Although the Nike FuelBand is commonly failed to remember along with the Galaxy Equipment and the Pebble when it concerns evaluating the smartwatch market, there’s no doubt that the slick, trendy gadget is remaining to be a big favorite with physical fitness fans and lazy slobs alike. Not just is the interface instinctive and quirky, but the tool really does exactly what it claims to do – – elaborate that! But in spite of its appeal, it does really feel like the FuelBand et al is all just very early fodder for Apple’s supposedly brewing iWatch, which some predict will make an iPhone-like influence after statement.

When you take a look at just what the iPhone and iPad did for the mobile phone and tablet markets respectively (read: neither were, stringently speaking, the very first of their kind in regards to categorization), it’s little marvel the market is once more hyped at the possibility of a prospective game-changer. And with guys like Hamilton running about placing such marvelous faces to names, as it were, the iWatch dream is now visiting be nearly impossible to tremble off.


The iWatch concept is remnant of the FuelBand in practically every feature, yet with a genuine (presumably flexi-AMOLED) screen for an iOS-like UI, it still provides an acquainted Apple encounter from the get-go.



There is, baseding on Hamilton, a single residence button on the left-hand side of the device, with two volume buttons located on the other side. There’s no uncertainty that it looks definitely stunning, and although it’s not likely – – despite having the close relationship in between Apple and Nike – – that the iWatch would obtain a lot of its style from the FuelBand, we can’t state that we ‘d be too deflated if it did.

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