Phone instances that are also battery packs are nothing brand-new, yet they all experience the exact same condition of being a bit on the large side of the fence. They could resolve the problem of obtaining via an entire day without your phone passing away, but it’s much from ideal.

The other alternative is to lug around a USB battery charger, but that’s an extra thing to put in your bag and if you’re anything like us, then the suggestion of stumping of cash for a new Lightning cable to lug about may make you cringe a little. A brand-new Kickstarter project is attempting to alter all that though.

CasePlug main

Called the CasePlug, this case selects to give individuals a means to charge their iPhone much more easily as opposed to slapping a large electric battery pack on its back. Costing $ 25 and offered for iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6, the CasePlug has a retractable USB plug on its back that can connect right into any type of USB port. Just what that suggests is you don’t require a cord to charge your iPhone and rather could plug it right into anything from a laptop to a steep system.


The USB port turns so you could utilize it in picture or landscape also, making it an excellent way of docking your phone in an automobile making use of the different expansion cable/stand.


Right now the CasePlug task should discover one more $ 15,000 on merely over a month in order to be funded and we hope it reaches its goal. Regrettably however, while we such as the concept ourselves it does have the feel of something that’s a little as well specific niche for its very own excellent. If you do not wish to need to fret about losing wires then you’re going to would like to examine this out, otherwise an electric battery pack may get the job done equally well for you because as excellent an idea as the CasePlug is, you still require a USB port to plug it into, which’s kinda the point of mobile power – – you don’t shears have one.







Anyways, visit the video below to see exactly how things works. We’re particular that at one factor in the video you’ll succumb to the whole idea as well.

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