Even Spider-Man couldn’t make Bing interesting. So when Apple introduced Bing combination in to its Siri voice aide for iOS 7, I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the modification. Bing is basically the online search engine substitute of the 6th Doctor, loud clothing and all.

Sure, Apple featured a Google workaround for Siri for die-hards.

If you intended to use Google to search for certain terms, you can Google those expressions. For instance, you claim “Siri, Google fezzes.”

It’s pretty unsatisfying. This just informs Siri to open up a brand-new Safari window with a Google search. You shed the cool (and I utilize that term in its correct bow association sense) integrated result on the Siri dialog screen.

Now, after months of using the most recent Siri, I’m openly outting myself. I like those incorporated results and I don’t care that Bing, saddle footwears and all, has joined Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia as a primary Siri info source. Bing’s outcomes are … merely great.

Sure, I’m not up until now gone to reason that I am utilizing Bing as a verb (which you can do; merely point out “Siri, Bing TARDIS”) because there are, nevertheless, requirements. But I’m taking pleasure in the slick new combination with internet outcomes connected straight into the dialog.

If one weren’t an online search engine pretender, one most likely wouldn’t also notice that those results included Bing in any way. (I specifically omit the Duck Duck Go die-hards from this write-up. The DDG people are primarily the wild libertarians of the search engine globe. That’s a completely different creature from Google snobbery.)

Bing is doing my searches, and it’s doing them well. And, as stunning as it is to uncover, Siri has actually made me a normal Bing user.

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