Regardless of its flaws, Google Glass is obtaining popularity per day, and as a result, every element of life has actually begun taking into consideration the development of new innovation that didn’t exist earlier. A brand-new application for Google Glass, aimed specifically at drivers, helps you remain awake throughout long drives in your car, as that’s the devoted purpose of DriveSafe.

Created individually by Jake Steinerman with a tiny team of 3 partners, this application concentrates on the 2010 AAA fact that asserts over 41 percent of United States vehicle drivers have accepted to have dropped asleep at one point or the other throughout driving. The danger (and likelihood) improves substantially over much longer drives, given that there’s so much to birthed you during the monotonous task and time-out one to sleep.

Glass drive

DriveSafe, although not readily available via the glassware’s MyGlass app, could conveniently be sideloaded and used. Once you fill the app to your headgear, simply claim “OK Glass, keep me awake” to activate the feature which will generally check your head nods. Needs to it find you nodding your head at the automobile’s steering tire consistently, it’ll presume that you’re resting (or really feeling quite drowsy) and will certainly signify audio and visual notifies to jolt you back to consciousness. Then, it doesn’t simply quit right here – – the application will certainly point you to the nearby remainder stop (based upon your current area) and will advise you to rest prior to you take a trip additionally. It’s rather nagging and consistent, too!

Naturally, you could turn that erroneous by swiping to the Stop option within the app.

Glass rest

Applications like these, nevertheless beneficial, beget even further questions of how suitable they actually are, thinking about that Google Glass itself is considered a distraction while driving by some. Indeed, a lady in California became the very first in record to obtain a ticket from a policeman for wearing Google Glass while driving. Despite the fact that how legal answer was and whether the Californian laws allow/disallow using such headgear or not remains arguable, the reality is that the style is capturing on, and hence, folks are a lot more worried concerning such matters than they were ever before.

Glass nav

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