The other day a video clip of two teens entering into an Apple Store and by force flexing an iPhone 6 spread with warp speed across the internet. Apparently the warmth has acquired to the teens, as one of them has actually released a profane as well as fifty percent hearted, though apparently frightened, apology on YouTube.

If you have actually never listened to a wise, in-over-their-head young adult try to smooth talk their escape of a bad circumstance, this is one of the very best instances you’ll locate online. No word yet on if the cops have actually contacted them.

Here’s the description of the video as uploaded on YouTube.

Okay i just made this to state that we are NOT destructive anymore iPhones considering that we understand just what we did is wrong! We are taking complete responsibility for this of training course. we understand hoq stupid it was. and also for those which are assuming we broke MULTIPLE iphones thats a LIE !!! It was the same iphone merely from various angles. Do not be postponed acquiring an iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus because the opportunities of it flexing in your pocket is highly not likely. We have actually not heard from apple as of yet but if we are charged we will certainly be selling out stuff to spend for the iphone as we are just 15 years old.

You can check out the video clip below. Kindly understand if attributes some nasty language and could be thought about not safe for work. Enjoy.

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