Tool 6 for iPhone (US$ 3.99, global) was recently included in Apple’s Indie Game Exhibit, and for good factor.

Device 6 for iPhone

It seems like a modern take on Zork and various other text-based games I loved years back. It incorporates fun puzzles, smart layout, great visuals and convincing tale into a well-rounded enjoyable experience.

However is it a game? It’s difficult to share. On one hand, Device 6 is something you play. You play as Anna, who awakes to find herself in an unknown fortress. She can view a lighthouse via a window and that has to do with it. There are no instructions or D-pad. To identify what’s taking place, just begin reviewing, acquire relocating and begin the experience.

It’s appealing to think about Tool 6 as a book, yet that’s imprecise. For one point, the story’s content isn’t really presented top-to-bottom. The orientation frequently changes and you’ve reached turn our iPhone left, right and even upside down to follow along.

A vibrant soundtrack and various other audio effects (footprints, creaking doors and those darn, talkative bears) contribute to the ambience. The visuals are excellent, also. Usually a primary source of ideas, lots of images appear to be “behind” the content, or glimpsing with a cutout. Various other pictures need you to tap to disclose their function.

As you review and discover you’ll need to retrace your actions and solve the numerous puzzles. Some are simple while others aren’t (once again, those pesky bears). It’s so much enjoyable I made it through three “phases” just before putting my phone down.

Gadget 6 will certainly interest those who like resolving creative puzzles and specifically an excellent tale. I felt an underlying Cthulhu mythos vibe in Gadget 6, which was a lot of enjoyable. It’s obvious that Gadget 6 was created with a “tale initial” frame of mind. It’s an actual enjoyment to review. Or play. Both? Yes.

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