Throughout the years there have been some very catastrophic disasters in the modern technology market, and 2014 has had its reasonable share. With numerous business hopeless for that next runaway hit and about to throw practically anything at the wall surface to view if it will stick we truly shouldn’t be surprised when some fall short. With that said in thoughts, in lots of ways, it’s a wonder we do not view even more disasters compared to we already do.

With 2014 waning we’re going to take a little consider 3 of the a lot more distinctive flops of 2014. Not all flopped for the exact same factor and we expect a few of you will say that they didn’t flop whatsoever, which’s simply fine. The following gadgets were chosen based on the hype they created before announcement yet sales physiques informed a full other story

Flop gadgets 2014

1. Amazon Fire Phone


Developed to give Amazon a method of advertising to folks instead of to offer those people with an engaging smartphone encounter, it doesn’t take also much detailing to obtain across why the $ 650 Amazon Fire Phone was an uncommon misstep for Amazon. Loaded with software application who’s single objective was to provide people methods right into the store, critics and consumers alike viewed directly through the polished marketing campaign almost promptly. Virtually promptly marked down, the Fire Phone might be one of the biggest flops in the last few years.

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2. Nokia X


With the Nokia X we were managed to a sneak top at exactly what Android on Nokia equipment would appear like. However, it had not been wonderful, primarily because Nokia opted for emerging markets rather than established ones.

Android on Nokia equipment indicated no Google Play Store and no bundled Google apps also, which right away placed the Nokia X at a downside. Anything that would certainly have been Google-based on most Android phones as an alternative utilized Microsoft’s version. It made perfect sense to Nokia and Microsoft, yet suggested that when it was coupled with uninspired equipment and a market that really wanted something high-end from the paring of Nokia and Android, points really did not go rather and also they maybe need to have.

It took Nokia only 5 months to understand how much of a disaster its Android smartphone schedule was, and hence was ceased in July this year.

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3. Samsung Gear S


Samsung has launched more smartwatches in the previous year or so than any person else, and their latest addition to the lineup was the Gear S.

Marketed as a smartwatch yet functions a lot more like a watch-phone, it has actually confusion created throughout it. And improved best of Samsung’s own Tizen OS, it has virtually no apps to begin with, making the entire smart/watchphone absolutely worthless.

Combined with bad advertising and that it requires a 3G SIM card in order to work, it’s another costs you need to pay if you would like to keep it ticking on your wrist.

And did we discuss that it’s bulky?

Samsung with Gear S missed the entire point of a smartwatch by strapping the entire phone on the wrist.

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