In our quest to help you discover some of the best apps at discounted rates, we’ve featured quite a few App Store gems for those rocking an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Android Apps

In the name of fairness, we’re today turning our attention to the Google Play Store, with five great apps having just gone free of charge.

Swipe-Lock ($1.51 – FREE)


This app lets you lock your device or put it into sleep mode by performing a simple swipe gesture. For a limited time, you can unlock the pro version of this app free of charge. Check out the description on the Play Store for more information.

Download it from the Google Play Store here.

Sketch ($1.99 – FREE)

Sketch Android

This great app allows you to create some great sketches from your photos. With a robust set of editing tools to boot, Sketch gives you a free pass to express your creative side, and for now, is absolutely free.

Download it from the Google Play Store here.

Cubot ($1.29 – FREE)

Cubot Android

This is one of those puzzlers that could quite easily consume an entire day, and even though you may experience bouts of Flappy Bird-like rage in frustration at Cubot’s inherent trickiness, at least it doesn’t feel quite as pointless. More details on how to grab the full version for free can be found in the app’s description.

Download it from the Google Play Store here.

Camera Scanner ($2.99 – FREE)

Camera Scanner Android

As the name implies, this little utility will help you turn paper documents into more manageable, digital copies. You simply take a picture of your letter, spreadsheet or other paper-based fodder, and this magical little app does the rest.

If you’ve a lot of paper stacking up and wish to digitalize it once and for all, be sure to give this one a look.

Download it from the Google Play Store here.

Flowpaper ($1.92 – FREE)

Flowpaper Android

Flowpaper is a bespoke, intriguing app that allows you to create some truly marvelous designs simply by swiping. Optimized for Android tablets, it’s a great deal of fun, and you’ll enjoy it a little more knowing you didn’t have to pay for it.

Download it from the Google Play Store here.

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