As children – even those raised in an era bereft of much in the way of technology and electronic gadgets, most of us will remember having played some variation of a memory matching game.InstaMatch

Toronto based development outfit Tiny Hearts, of ‘Pocket Zoo’ fame, has just released a new app which turns popular image social network Instagram into a memory game. Called InstaMatch, it’s a contemporary spin on the classic memory matching format – with a twist.

To make things a little more difficult than they otherwise would be, the photos users ‘match’ come from Instagram as opposed to being mere duplicates.

For example, if you were matching two trees, the images would be of two different trees – both taken by Instagram users with images under the #trees hashtag. As well as trawling through the snaps of other Instagram users, players can also use the built in presets, or indeed simply play using their own collection of Instagram photos.



Like a Pixar film, this is a great app for kids and adults alike, and comes with three different difficulty levels. The quicker you match the photos, the better your score will be, and due to its expansive appeal, entire families could wind up embattled for pole position.

Of course, not everybody necessarily wants to sit around playing with their nearest and dearest, so there is multiplayer mode compatibility via Apple’s own Game Center. iPhone users can grapple in a versus duel, whilst those wielding the iPad can play against up to three others. Since the iPad has much more screen real-estate, more cards can be displayed – making things even more difficult. If you’re a glutton for challenge, there are also “moving” cards in the very highest difficulty level, ready to catch you out when your concentration lapses.


InstaMatch is currently on sale for 99 cents over at the App Store in a promotional period before  rising to $1.99, so if you think you’re up to the challenge, it’s well worth the purchase.

Download InstaMatch for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes link]

You will need to be on a jailbroken iOS device if you wish to install it. For jailbreaking iOS 5.0.1  untethered on iPhone 4/3GS, iPad 1, iPod touch 4G/3G (A4 devices), you can follow our complete step by step instructions posted here using Redsnow on Mac (or Sn0wbreeze on Windows). For Jailbreaking iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Unthetered, you can simply follow our step by step guide posted here to jailbreakiOS 5.0.1 using Absinthe on Windows or Mac.

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