America License and Trademark Office has denied Apple’s trademark application for the “Touch ID” name made use of for its finger print recognition technology, mentioning a similar hallmark had by Kronos Technology. The USPTO being rejected letter was sent to Apple in May 2014, baseding on Patently Apple, which just recently revealed the interaction.

In its letter to Apple, the USPTO stated Apple’s trademark for Touch ID was too like U.S. Registration number 2735480, which was provided to Kronos in 2003 and secures the term “Kronos Touch ID.” Apple has up until November 2014 to change the nomenclature of its trademark application, which would need the company to relabel its fingerprint scanning technology. Alternatively, Apple can look for to acquire or certify the trademark from Kronos.

Apple encountered a comparable scenario with its iPhone name, which was trademarked by Cisco. Apple and Cisco negotiated a discount that enabled Apple to authorized the hallmark complying with an infringement claim submitted by Cisco quickly after the iPhone debuted. In recent years, Apple also worked out an iPhone trademark infringement case with Brazilian firm IGB and an iPad name dispute Chinese firm Proview Innovation.

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