Verizon yesterday presented its XLTE solution, doubling the LTE bandwidth in some choose markets to improve peak speeds on an assortment of devices, consisting of the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 5c, the iPad Air, and the Retina iPad mini.

XLTE is the name offered to Verizon’s AWS range, which the firm initially purchased back in 2012. Akin to opening up an additional lane on a congested highway, XLTE will certainly open new data transfer for those withing an AWS-compatible device, that includes the iPhone 5s and the 5c, inevitably resulting in faster LTE rates. XLTE just describes LTE on the AWS spectrum, with Verizon’s explained rate increases resulting from additional available data transfer.

While not straight helpful to users of older apples iphone, XLTE does have the possibility to lead to boosted bandwidth on the common 700MHz range utilized by those gadgets, as newer tools will automatically benefit from the AWS spectrum.

XLTE provides much faster peak data rates and a minimum of double the bandwidth to 4G LTE clients in high visitor traffic locations in markets nationwide where AWS range has actually been turned on.


While XLTE network enhancements are undetectable to the client, the mobile experience is not. XLTE Ready devices automatically gain access to both 700 MHz range and the AWS range in XLTE cities. Consumers with 4G LTE gadgets operating only on the 700 MHz range in XLTE markets likewise gain from the added capability made by XLTE Ready tool quality traffic transferring to the AWS spectrum.

XLTE is presently available in several cities across 44 various states, which can be discovered on Verizon’s website [PDF] According to Verizon’s estimations, the recently available AWS range will improve LTE rates for about 35 percent of the energetic devices on its network.

It is essential to keep in mind that XLTE is simply a marketing term for LTE on Verizon’s AWS range instead of a brand-new cordless specification. It is comparable to AT&T’s move to call HSPA+ 4G back in 2012 in order to differentiate it from common HSPA 3G rates.

Verizon has additionally revealed VoLTE– or Voice over LTE– which is established to present to its network later on this year. VoLTE, similar to AT&T’s HD Voice, will improve voice top quality by permitting individuals to make phone calls over LTE.

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