Verizon Wireless today wrote a response letter to the FCC’s issues over its strategy to throttle its grandfathered unlimited data customers during peak usage times, urging that its approaching use restrictions are permitted under present law.

Penciled by Verizon’s SVP of Federal Regulatory Affairs, Kathleen Grillo, the letter (using The Edge) additionally aims in the direction of the endless information restrictions imposed by various other carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, which Verizon claims are a lot more extreme than its very own throttling plans.


Much more importantly, Verizon additionally knocks on the fact that every various other major cordless company in the Usa– AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile– has actually already carried out some kind of data throttling or “network optimization” as it’s typically called. Verizon goes a step further and claims its competitors frequently have “less tailored” policies that can impact clients no matter network blockage.

Verizon takes place to emphasize the restricted weathers under which its clients will experience LTE throttling, mentioning stagnations will certainly occur only at “certain cell websites experiencing abnormally high need” and noting that throttling will certainly finish when cell websites become much less clogged.

According to Verizon’s web site, throttling will also be limited to the leading five percent of customers and simply those who have actually completed their two-year agreements will certainly be affected. As of July, Verizon’s leading five percent of users contained customers which utilized 4.7 GB or even more of information throughout the month.

Verizon’s letter is in reaction to a strongly-worded letter sent out recently by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, which mentioned he was “deeply troubled” by Verizon’s throttling strategies. In the missive, Wheeler sent Verizon a series of inquiries asking the company to describe its rationale for addressing consumers in different ways based on data intend type and asking whether the plan was justified under the FCC’s Open Web regulations.

Verizon intends to begin throttling its high-usage LTE consumers accessing overloaded network cells starting on October 1, and it is unclear if the FCC will certainly take steps to avoid the throttling.

As noted in Verizon’s letter, several various other providers have applied LTE usage restrictions for clients on grandfathered unrestricted plans in an effort to motivate users to change to pay-by-usage tiered data plans, but the FCC has intervened in Verizon’s situation due to Verizon’s use of Upper C Block range that is subjected to a open system rule.

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