I need to subtitle this evaluation “I cut my chest for science” … however that’s acquiring a bit in advance of myself. Last month I covered the HealthPatch BioSensor from VitalConnect, a US$ 199 medical-grade sensing unit that is utilized with adhesive bandages and an $ 9.99 app from SweetWater Health and wellness called SweetBeatLife.

HealthPatch BioSensor

With each other, the HealthPatch and SweetBeatLife application make a means for figured out sportsmens or tech-savvy doctors to look at heart health and wellness.

Initially, let’s discuss the HealthPatch. You actually obtain a pack of adhesive bandages that are created to hold the little sensing unit in position on your skin. For males with hair on their breasts– manly males, that is– you’re going to need to cut a tiny spot of hair in order to use this. That’s why I generally stalled for a month to do this review.

There are three feasible areas for the patch– the top breast at a 45 level angle, the center of the upper body at the sternum, and under the left chest at the rib cage. That last spot was the least unshaven, to ensure that’s where the shaving occurred. I’ll save you the agony of considering the pictures …

The moment the place prepares to go, VitalConnect advises making use of an alcohol clean to prepare your skin before sticking this point on. The sticky area in fact has a battery within, some circuitry to make power to the sensing unit, and 2 contacts that make contact with your skin.

HealthPatch BioSensor

This is one tool that you certainly would like to check out the manual for. You essentially open up a small flap, placed the sensor into a dental caries in the back of the area, and an LED brighten to allow you know that you have power. A “module tooth cavity liner” gets taken out, and then you’re informed to “push down strongly around module dental caries to seal spot”. Now we prepare to rock-and-roll– the support is removed, and you place the area onto your breast.

VitalConnect HealthPatch BioSensor

Since you’re basically a strolling, speaking Bluetooth-equipped human, it’s time to ax up the app. SweetBeatLife is developed to assist you monitor anxiety, compute your HRV (Heart Rate Irregularity), test for meals level of sensitivity, as well as correlate information recorded by the application with various other tools like the Fitbit and Withings trackers. Similar to lots of fitness and health and wellness applications, SweetBeatLife lets you store your physical exercise session graphes and acquire other details if you enroll in an account.

So, early this morning I slapped the HealthPatch on my upper body, axed up SweetBeatLife, and did a couple of readings while resting just before pursuing my normal early morning stroll. The most outstanding aspect of the HealthPatch? Just how comfortable it is. I have actually undergone one treadmill anxiety examination in my life, and the electrodes were very irritating to have dangling from numerous parts of my chest. As I rest below with the HealthPatch on, I can’t also feel it– that’s the kind of unobtrusiveness that would make patients rather delighted.

The HealthPatch is created to remain connected during sweat-inducing workout; actually, it could be used as long as the battery in the patch can energy it. I was impressed that during the whole 35 min walk and a cool off period later on, the HealthPatch never shed its Bluetooth connection with the iPhone. The SweetBeatLife application could run in ambient, capturing details while the phone is resting in your pocket or armband throughout a walk, run or cycling. The battery? It never differed from 100 % (as measured by the SweetBeatLife app) during my screening.

One component of the SweetBeatLife application that I discovered appealing was its estimation of tension on the physical body. That level actually came to a head after my stroll, while cooling off. The application supplies an interesting breathing workout that could be utilized to decrease the stress level– you breathe in deeply and breathe out fully based upon a breath pacer, and an abstract shape changes colour to show your body anxiety degree. I would like a little bit more details on exactly how the SweetBeatLife app calculates stress, as the truth that it is saying that I go to a higher anxiety level when I’m really feeling terrific and unwinded after a stroll is stressing me out.

Obviously, the HealthPatch BioSensor deals with any type of app that is created to obtain and refine the information it sends out. One possible future scenario would certainly be to have heart clients wear a HealthPatch if they’re showing symptoms that could result in a cardiovascular disease, and run an app that would immediately dispatch emergency -responders to a place when the application determines that a heart strike looms.


For any individual that takes their wellness seriously, doctors trying to find a brand-new way to record health and wellness details unobtrusively from patients, and professional or committed amateur sportsmens who are searching for an advantage in their training, the VitalConnect HealthPatch BioSensor is a relatively low cost method to implement innovative wellness monitoring. The future of tools such as this is visiting be amazing.

Ranking: 4 stars out of 4 superstars possible

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