Shutoff’s Vapor Machine project is an intriguing one as for the age-old issue of making PC video gaming mainstream goes. The reason individuals like console gaming has constantly been the plug-and-play nature of the systems, without configuration or upgrading required.


Steam Devices are expected to make shut the space in between consoles and Computers by product packaging equipments in elaborate boxes that won’t watch out of spot alongside a tv, but exactly what if you would like to video game on the go?

With Sony’s PlayStation Vita and Nintendo’s 3DS having the mobile gaming market stitch up alongside tablet computers and mobile phones, Vapor doesn’t presently have a means into the mobile market. One firm is claiming to be able to transform all that, though we have to confess to being greater than a little bit doubtful.

Outed to The Escapist, the aptly named SteamBoy is exactly just what you assume it is. Based upon the Steam Equipment idea, this mobile gaming principle from a business nobody has become aware of – – Steamboy Machine – – will apparently be able to play ‘‘ most’ Vapor games even though it’s simply the dimension of your ordinary handheld tool. In truth, the thing appears like a Vapor    Equipment controller with a 5-inch screen slapped in the center. Given, we’re not sure just what we assumed it would certainly appear like, however it’s all rather…… underwhelming.

SteamBoy (2)

Presently absolutely nothing even more than an excellent video clip and a collection of specs, the SteamBoy is penned for a 2015 release, though there are no guarantees about that. There’s no model to touch, and while the specs themselves look ALRIGHT today, they may not be very so outstanding once things in fact ships. If it ships in any way.

Those specifications, for anyone pondering, are mentioned to be composed of a quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM together with 32GB of interior storage space. A 3G choices has actually also been teased, which might be intriguing.

In all sincerity, up until we see a working model of this point, we’re not going to be turning over our Vitas or 3DSes to any individual, however the suggestion is an excellent one at the minimum. We’ll just reserve judgment until something tangible actually exists.


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