Apple’s brand-new iPhone 6 statement is hardly a week away now, and the excitement around the upcoming media occasion is at an all time high. The Cupertino tech giant is not just expected to unveil the brand-new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 flagship smartphone, but likewise unveil the wearable lineup that may (or may not) end up being called the iWatch. Together with these, we are expecting to see the public availability of the iOS 8, the OS X Yosemite, and hopefully a few other goodies also.

iPhone 4 announcement

With the launch date now just around the corner, it’s interesting to freshen our memories with respect to Apple’s product releases in the past. Therefore, with that in mind, the video below offers a quick and cool summary of each iPhone launch event to this day, beginning with the very first iPhone that was presented all the means back in 2007.

Go ahead and offer it a watch – – it’s enjoyable to reminiscence how far Apple (and technology in basic) has actually come in such a brief span of time. The 6-minute video works as a wonderful journey down this certain memory lane, so you won’t be sorry for the time spent on this.

The Cupertino tech giant has been at the leading edge of development, and I say this without predisposition (regardless of getting a great deal of hate for this). There have actually been numerous occasions that Apple has possibly “copied” features from its rivals, but not only have they included a fresh touch to them, but likewise developed how something is done effectively. For a great deal of new features that iPhones have rollovered the years, they weren’t really the first-timers, however they made them mainstream. Not to forget, it was the iPhone that made touch-screens a standard in smartphones – – a market that was, at that time, dominated by Nokia’s Symbian OS and BlackBerry phones.

At the September 9th media occasion, Apple is anticipated to up the video game as soon as again. The iPhone is lastly getting a bigger screen (and we’re not even thinking about the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 phablet that might not get revealed at this time), the A8 processor is absolutely going to be outclass, and the phone will have more niceties that we’ll learn about for sure once we get there.

However, it’s specific that the gadget will certainly see enormous sales, and Apple will certainly come out greatly rewarding once again.

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