Just the other day, we told you about Costs Gates and Tim Chef participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge and splashing themselves in a pail of ice chilly water in the name of charity. A simple 24 hours later on, ex-Microsoft Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ballmer, takes the plunge, signing up with a variety of other tech execs in the Ice Bucket Difficulty list.

The ex-Microsoft Chief Executive Officer required to his Twitter account (which he rather sparsely makes use of) to display his own version of the Ice Pail Challenge, alongside his brand-new SteveBClippers YouTube channel. This was probably Ballmer’s means of revealing off his $ 2 billion recent acquisition of the LA Clippers, so that’s 2 birds killed with one rock.

Steve Ballmer

The Ice Pail Challenge generally advises affluent executives the globe over to either discard a container of ice chilly water on themselves (in public sight one method or the other) or give away some quantity (usually a handsome amount) to a charity concentrated on the Lou Gehrig’s disease. The situation, nevertheless, has been that a variety of execs have taken the difficulty with dousing themselves in the said water alongside making the donation. The rules of the competitors also state that a person taking the difficulty will need to be chosen by someone that’s formerly taken the challenge, and, consequently, would nominate future folks for the task.

The person being nominated has to then take the difficulty within the following 24 hours. Therefore, Steve Ballmer, which was chosen by Spencer Hawes, has actually further challenged Doc Rivers (LA Clippers train), Hal Wright and Rick Neuheisel (TV soccer analyst).

With the conclusion of the Ice Container Difficulty, Steve Ballmer has joined the organization of a number of Silicon Valley execs just before him that dared to take the dive. The list consists of the sort of Costs Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and others.

The action to do the ice chilly discarding and also donating cash just goes to reveal that the technician executives neither lack funny bone, neither are they a lot various from us when it comes to having some enjoyable. I mean, it is difficult to pour ice chilly water on yourself, yet won’t you do it for charity?

Have a look at the video clip, which is simply 11 seconds long, and leave your thought and feelings with us about it in the remarks area listed below!


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