Since Consumer Reports has launched its report right into whether the iPhone 6 Plus flexes too conveniently or otherwise, we’re every one of the hopeless hope that the entire Bendgate ordeal will pass away a death as quickly as feasible. Especially if it does though, there’s consistently someone willing to take something that’s currently a little bit insane as well as then take it to an extreme that few could think of.

We have actually currently told you about one iPhone being gone down from around 12,000 feet with the help of wingsuit, yet now we have the suspicious honor of revealing you a video that takes among Apple’s new smartphones as well as topics it to new tortures. Tortures of the BMW kind.

iPhone 6 Plus vs BMW

For reasons we can’t very fathom, YouTube network TechRax took an iPhone 6 Plus and laid it on the floor before driving over it with a BMW not when, but twice. The result? Well, turns it it stands up to the penalty remarkably well, actually.

For us, one of the most intriguing factor here is the video clip taped by the phone as the wheel appears then unavoidably rolls over the lens. It’s all very appealing in a somber kind of means. We will not be hurrying to recreate the impact ourselves, though!

The Net furore bordering Bendgate seems to the good news is be waning, but this video just goes to reveal that individuals will never stop looking for bizarre and terrific means of damaging their brand-new phone. As long as individuals are willing to watch the videos though, we make sure there will certainly be a person about to make them for ad perspectives.

Per their own, that’s what we claim.

To claim the least, we don’t recommend doing such a with any kind of gadget in any way. As well as we’ve stated this on a numerous celebrations that applying an instance on your mobile phone or ipad is constantly an excellent concept to safeguard your investment against all kinds of evils lurking around them, as well as being crushed by a 4-wheeler is just one of them. So do not do such a horrendous thing.

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