The rate at which Apple’s iOS 7 completes its animations has long been a subject of conversation amongst lots of.


Overly-long, labored shifts in between apps, screens and also opening or closing folders are no enjoyable at all, and iOS 7 had them in spades. The good news is iOS 7.1 appears to have fixed the issue to a huge extent, yet if you’re holding off upgrading to iOS 7.1 then you require some way of making every little thing really feel additional liquid and less like it’s stumbling about in treacle.

There are already numerous jailbreak tweaks that provide the ability to change computer animation times, yet an aged fave has just recently obtained an upgrade that brings it up to spec for any person running iOS 7.0 to 7.0.6. Rate Intensifier does merely exactly what the name proposes, which has now been upgraded for iOS 7, and lowers the time it takes for animations to finish so you don’t discover on your own rested hanging around for folders to open up when all you wish to do is inspect the climate.

Speed Intensifier is free and can be downloaded and install through the ModMyi repo. As soon as installed you’ll have a new Setups area where you can alter how the tweak acts. There are step-by-step alternatives for changing the rate at which animations comprehensive, which is all you definitely want out of something such as this. There’s one more alternative however, and it’s in fact fairly valuable.

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When Speed Intensifier speeds up all the iOS animations it could lay its practical, it could likewise alter exactly how rapid the residence screen application symbols shake when in edit method. There’s a handy toggle button that could regulate whether you desire those icons to wiggle fast or stick to the a lot more relieved speed they’re a lot more familiar with. The choice, as they share, is yours.


Apple has actually attracted rather a considerable amount of objection for the rate – – or lack of – at which iOS does its animations, and iOS 7.1 goes a lengthy means to fix those grievances. If you’re not visiting plump for iOS 7.1 at any time quickly though, you may wish to provide Speed Intensifier a look, if just to try and preserver your very own sanity.

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