Just like all things in life, Android has its positives and downsides, and you would certainly have to be daft to say or else. Depending on whether you have actually pitched your tent in Android region or prefer your mobile phones with a little additional Jony Ive in them, it’s challenging to refute the truth that both Android and iOS have good and bad factors, whether those be focused on safety, interface or selection of applications.

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If there’s one location that we ‘d argue Android loses though, it’s the lock screen. Relying on the flavor of Android you’re bring, you could potentially have definitely no lock screen-based notification system, which if you’re also a fan of iOS will certainly be completely unusual to you. As a matter of fact, we would certainly feel lost if we could not merely eye our mobile phones and view brand-new alerts without having to begin swiping.

If you’re of the same opinion then finding an application to make Android act additional like iOS – – a minimum of at the lock screen front – isn’t all that hard. Finding an excellent one is rather a lot more tough, however in SlideLock, the quest could will be involving an end.

Made by the same individuals that created the well-liked LockerPro, SlideLock takes what iOS has right concerning its lock monitor and transplants it to Android. That implies that notifications put up on-screen and remain there up until actioned or the screen is opened, and the whole point can be personalized to ensure that your smartphone behaves just the method you wish it to. Hell, there ares support for the Pebble smartwatch also, ought to that float your boat.


Modification is significantly the order of the day with SlideLock also, with users able to alter just how alerts are shown as well as whether the display will certainly brighten when a new notification is obtained. Vibration and audible informs can also be dabbled, also.

If you have actually ever looked at your close friend’s iPhone and wanted at the very least a bit of it could possibly scrub off onto your Android phone, then SlideLock is a great method to obtain that lock monitor you have actually wished for. It’s reached be much better compared to the majority of stock offerings at least.


SlideLock is currently readily available to download from the Google Play store and will certainly establish you back definitely nothing. Acquire it downloaded today!


(Download: SlideLock for Android on the Play Store)

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