Snapchat’s little safety snafu has actually made rather the splash over the last day or more. The photo-based social messaging service has actually expanded so popular that even traditional media electrical outlets have actually been foaming at the mouth about the hack that has seen 4.6 million individuals have their usernames and cellphone numbers stolen and subsequently leaked on the web. It’s definitely not Snapchat’s proudest minute.

While the original list of usernames and phone numbers – – sans the last couple of digits – – were originally released online, the web site that housed them has now been taken offline completely step, leaving numerous to wonder whether their information are among those risked. With Snapchat staying worryingly silent concerning the whole affair, there is the potential for individuals never ever discovering out whether their details were nabbed or otherwise. Thankfully, there are at least two various ways that folks can inspect the status of their accounts.


The initial, GS Lookup – – Snapchat ( permits individuals enter their usernames into a type which then goes off and checks the list of compromised accounts. If the username given has undoubtedly had its phone number taken by hackers, the internet site will certainly mention as such. If it does not, after that you’re protected to go around your business. We ‘d most likely consider changing some passwords though, just to be on the protected side.

The second alternative is, and this goes a little more. And also entering a username, concerned Snapchat users can also enter into a phone number which can after that be inspected versus the data source of dripped get in touch with specifics. The choice is still there to enter into a username needs to folks so want though, however at the very least provides both alternatives.

Snapcheck leak

Snapchat itself has stayed worryingly mum regarding the hack in addition to the details that have actually been dripped, apart from a comment from one of its higher-ups to state that he burns by developments. Noticeably, he cut short of asking forgiveness for the protection violation however did state that the company was collaborating with law enforcement firms on the concern.

We make sure that makes every one of those 4.6 million damaged customers really feel better. You know, when people are ringing that telephone number that was (almost totally) dripped online.

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