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Earlier today, I viewed this blog post from @ GrowlVoice:

Since today, Google has officially shut down GrowlVoice’s access to Google Voice as component of their assimilation of Google Voice into Hangouts.

Google has additionally turned off 3rd-party access to Google Voice VoIP, and it seems that the writing is on the wall surface for Google Voice as a standalone product in any type of type. I have a Google Voice number that I really like and wished to keep, so I determined I wished to port it out of Google Voice and onto my Verizon iPhone.

I had not been even sure this was possible because Google Voice isn’t really definitely a mobile phone provider like Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon, however Dan Moren of Macworld was kind sufficient to point me in the appropriate instructions to an encouragingly entitled page at Google: Port your number out of Google Voice. Altogether, on the Google side of things, there are 2 actions to porting your number out of Google Voice:

  1. Visit and adhere to the few actions there to statement that you desire to open your Google Voice number.

  2. Pay Google $ 3 as “an one time charge to port your number far from Google Voice” unless you are making use of a number that you ported into Google Voice.

I did both of those steps and afterwards chose to call Verizon. There might be a means to do this without having to speak to Verizon customer help, however since it was an uncommon circumstance, I believed I would certainly be much better off speaking with another human being.

  1. Verizon has around eleventy-milion phone numbers for various technical/customer support problems. The number I called was 800-922-0204.

  2. When urged, I pressed 3 for tech help.

  3. At the following prompt I mentioned “Porting a number” then “Porting to Verizon cordless” when it asked exactly what kind of port I wanted.

  4. Last but not least I was asked if I desired to include a line to my account or replace an existing account, so I claimed “change” since I was going to replace my existing iPhone number.

Afterwards I was on hold for 5-10 minutes just before being linked with “Jason” at Verizon Wireless. I explained just what I wished to do, making it clear that I intended to move a number to Verizon, not the various other way around.

There were five pieces of information that Jason required:

  1. The name of the account owner on the Google Voice account.

  2. The “invoicing address” for the Google Voice account. I wasn’t sure just what to make use of for that, so we simply made use of the very same invoicing address that was currently associated with my Verizon account.

  3. The contact number that I intended to slot to Verizon.

  4. My “account number” with the carrier which currently held the number I intended to port over. We utilized my Google Voice phone number.

  5. A password, if any kind of. At initial Jason assumed this implied he was going to require my Google Account password, but it transformed out there was an option for “No Password” so we utilized that.

Once the entire thing experienced, the system shared that it would take 4-24 hrs before it would take impact, and I would have to power cycle my iPhone for the new number to be recognized. (That ended up being incorrect. Keep reading.)

Jason statemented that in his talent it typically only takes approximately 2 hrs, but it can take much longer, and if it hadn’t happened in 1 Day, offer him a telephone call back.

After I disconnected the phone, I recognized that there were a couple of sites which utilized my current iPhone number to send me TEXT login verifications for Two-Factor Verification devices, most notably Paypal and Twitter. (Most others make use of the Google Authenticator, which I utilize with Authy.)

For Twitter, I needed to go to and pick “Don’t verify login demands” and afterwards to and decide on “Remove My Phone.” As soon as the number was ported, those were the 2 Links I should re-add my iPhone.

For PayPal, I had to go to and “Deactivate” my “PayPal Security Trick” and after the number was ported, I had to go to to enable my Protection Secret with my new iPhone number.

Then it was just a concern of hanging around.

I returned to and statement that my Google Voice number was now provided as “Opened (Authorized [1]” and they added: “You have a Google Voice number that has actually been unlocked. You can now launch porting with your brand-new carrier. We will certainly alert you by email once the number has been ported away.” (Looter Alert: I never got an e-mail from them.)

Still later on, I went back to that web page and it said: “Google Voice has successfully authorized your request, but the provider to whom you are porting hasn’t already finished their required activity. If you are still having problems and your number doesn’t successfully port in 2-3 company days, kindly contact your brand-new carrier for help, as Google Voice is not able to take any sort of additional activity.”

Standing by

2 hours passed, 4 hours passed, 24 hrs, 36 hours, and absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, today when I took a seat at my Mac, there was a sharp panel from iMessage, asking if I would like to use my Google Voice number for iMessage. I clicked indeed, and then examined my iPhone by going into the Phone application, and \* inside the Phone application I touched on the “Contacts” tab, and scrolled completely to the leading.

It still revealed my old iPhone number, also after rebooting it. I tried to send a TEXT (not a blue-colored iMessage, yet a green-colored TEXT) and it failed to send out. I tried making a telephone call, and was greeted by a computerized message that they might not authenticate my iPhone.

I tried restarting once again, however still absolutely nothing. I considered visiting Settings » & raquo; General & raquo; Reset & raquo;” Reset Network Settings “but I knew that would also remove all my conserved Wi-Fi passwords, so I chose to hang around a couple of more hours and attempt once more.

In the meanwhile, iMessage and FaceTime both revealed my Google Voice number as linked with my iCloud account, and I could utilize Verizon’s 3G and LTE information networks, I simply couldn’t make any type of calls or send out any SMS messages.

Eventually I called Verizon (# 8899, as the automated message proposed). After approximately 20 minutes on grip I was ultimately associated with someone, discussed what had been taking place, and she mentioned “You aren’t on that phone now, are you?” Well, certainly I was, given that I don’t believe calling # 8899 from my land line was going to obtain me to Verizon Wireless tech help. She asked if there was one more number where she could call me back, and I provided her my number, however asked: “If I wasn’t on my iPhone now, exactly what would you have me do?”

“Reset your network environments,” she mentioned. She jotted down my land line telephone number and promised to call me back in around 10 minutes. I reset the network environments, my iPhone restarted, the Verizon logo design showed up, the LTE logo design showed up, I went into the Phone app, sought out my very own number and– my aged phone number was still there.

I was in the automobile and had my iPhone on the windshield install, but there wasn’t anywhere I could take over, so I simply left it opened on the display revealing my old phone number.

Regarding two mins later on, the number altered right before my eyes. One 2nd it was the old number, then it was the new number.

Success! Lastly I can make calls, send/receive regular SMS messages, and everything else.

Summary of Steps

If I was beginning over from the start, here’s just what I would do:

  1. Experience my contents for the past month or so and aim to view exactly what (if anything) is using my iPhone number for SMS rather than my Google Voice number.

  2. Temporarily disable any kind of two-factor verification devices which count on SMS.

  3. Go to and pay Google $ 3 to unlock my Google Voice number.

  4. Call Verizon (800-922-0204 helped me) and navigate the phone alternatives for “Tech Support” and afterwards “Port a phone number” and afterwards “Port to Verizon”

  5. Verizon will certainly require your name (as it shows up in Google account), your Google Voice number is the number you would like to port and your “account number” and there is no password for porting a number out.

  6. Approve that you could have to stand by 2-3 days, and be on the hunt for iMessage or FaceTime to tell you that your Google Voice number has been linked with your account.

  7. Never mind just restarting your iPhone to see if that does it, suck it up and select “Reset Network Setup.”

    Idea: Whenever I am somewhere that has a Wi-Fi password, I consistently save the network name [SSID] and the password in 1Password, so if I do have to reset my network settings, I will certainly still have the Wi-Fi passwords for the numerous networks that I use.

  8. Once the slot has actually been finished, make sure to reenable any sort of two-factor authentication devices which make use of SMS.

Although these directions were for a Verizon iPhone, I would certainly assume that the procedure is comparable for AT&T or Sprint, with the obvious exemption of that you would certainly call to initiate the port from your carrier.

Exactly how to port your Google Voice number to your iPhone originally showed up on Damaging Apple News, Recommendation and Reviews from The Unofficial Apple Blog on Sat, 19 Apr 2014 14:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

Breaking Apple News, Tips and Reviews from The Unofficial Apple WeblogHow you can port your Google Voice number to your iPhone initially showed up on Damaging Apple Information, Tips and Reviews from The Unofficial Apple Weblog on Sat, 19 Apr 2014 14:00:00 EST. Kindly see our terms for usage of feeds.

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