Seven years ago today, Steve Jobs supplied the performance of a lifetime. Teeming with assurance, personal appeal and a touch of humor, Jobs on January 9, 2007 presented to the globe, for the very first time, the iPhone.

Because then, Apple has actually cumulatively offered hundreds of millions of iPhones to customers around the world. It’s no understatement to declare that the iPhone basically altered the way we make use of and communicate with innovation, introducing a brand-new age of interesting technical advancement while doing so.

In light of the iPhone anniversary, I asked a few of the kind folks below at TUAW a few inquiries about where they were when Steve Jobs enhanced show business at Macworld and said bon voyage to the mobile QWERTY key-board.

1. Where were you and what were you doing when Steve Jobs first revealed the iPhone?

2. Just what were your initial perceptions of the gadget?

3. The number of iPhones have you owned?

Below are their answers. And oh yes, kindly do not hesitate to add in your very own experience/thoughts/memories of the iPhone unveiling in the remarks below.

Steven Sande

1) I was in the reader at the keynote that day, and let me inform you that the Reality Distortion Field was turned on high that day.

2) After seeing the iPhone close up (there was one in a rotating glass column that crowds were packed around), my impression was that it seemed so “clean”. No key-board on it, it simply looked like a little black piece. At the time, I was using a Palm Treo 650 (it’s now in my museum of ancient technology) and it instantly resembled an archeological relic reviewed to the iPhone. I knew it was going to be unique; I had no suggestion that it was going to revolutionize the smartphone world and spawn a big industry of app and accessory developers.

3) I’ve owned 8 phones. iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, two iPhone 3GS (I lost among them!), iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s

Michael Rose

1) Although it was my initial Macworld Expo as a participant of team TUAW, I could possibly not attend personally. I was looped in via phone with Laurie Duncan, which was standing at the side of a keynote overflow area and excitedly feeding me details. “They’re calling it the iPhone,” she claimed, however it was difficult to hear her over the roar of the reader.

2) I was cynical of the soft key-board. But as a successor to the world-beating iPod? I knew it would have legs. It had not been up until the debut of the App Establishment months later that I really acquired a sense for exactly how deep the iPhone ecosystem’s impact may be.

3) I’ve held an original, a 3G, a 4S and now a 5 (all business/company possessed). My other half has a 4, and there’s an initial iPod touch someplace in the residence.

Dave Caolo

I was glued to my computer system, seeing and writing for TUAW. All I knew was that I wished one. It was the first smart phone I ever before owned.

Chris Rawson

1. I honestly do not remember what I was doing that day. I remember just what I was doing the day it appeared, however not announcement day. Possibly cold different body components off at Kent State.

2. The gadget Apple announced that day was every little thing I had always desired from a smart phone. Every little thing. I declined to ever have anything lower compared to what the iPhone guaranteed. I understood I was relocating to New Zealand in a year, though, so authorizing an agreement with AT&T (barf) ran out the question. The price tag (once they announced it) placed me off anyhow; at the time, despite having a deal it was a lot more expensive than a PlayStation 3, a tool I was particular I ‘d get even more use from it for my money. (7 years later, my iPhone is basically an expansion of my brain, and my PS3 has been dead and boxed up in a wardrobe for a year).

3. The iPhone 3G was my initial, adhered to by the iPhone 4, 4S, and my present iPhone 5.

Winner Agreda Jr

1. Hunched down at the Marriott alongside Moscone in SF, coordinating our coverage:) (we sent David Chartier to stand in line at 4am IIRC)

2. Having recently began utilizing a fairly wonderful at the time BlackBerry, I knew this was going to be huge. Also the keyboard! Although my largest issue was Flash on Safari.

3. I acquired my little brother’s iPhone (initial) from him yet had actually already jumped in with the 3GS. After that a 4, 4S, now a 5 (and I’ll be standing by for the 6 now).

Kelly Hodgkins

1. In 2007, I had 5 kids under the age of six. Unnecessary to say I was not at Macworld for the unveiling, nor was I watching it from afar. In fact, chances are good that I was altering a diaper and scrubbing crayon bizarre.

2. I only was gently interested in the iPhone, primarily because AT&T / Cingular did not have protection in my location. Why get all thrilled for a phone when you cannot even have it? I definitely didn’t see after that just how it would change mobile surfing, kickstart mobile shopping and make the mobile app market.

3. I have actually bought every iPhone considering that it launched, yet the first one I owned was the iPhone 4. I make the difference due to the fact that though I purchased the early iPhone models to see what everybody was speaking approximately, I could not keep them– not having coverage is a significant burden to using them. It was a fantastic day when the iPhone 4 lastly landed on Verizon. I have actually possessed every Verizon iPhone design ever since. I now have an iPhone 5s.

Erica Sadun

1. I was keying in. A GREAT DEAL. Extremely, really fast. In raw html. I might additionally have actually been \* squeeing \*.

2. I wanted one. Had not been sure I was visiting acquire one then, however I understood I wished one. This had not been my initial journey to the cell phone rodeo, and I had a a lot more cost effective strategy with Qwest at the time.

3. I have actually owned a \* whole lot \* of smartphones and other iOS devices. Mostly for advancement and tech writing.

Mel Martin

1. Adhering to breathlessly on the web

2. Pretty excited. I had a Windows Phone at the time, which was just terrible. (Can you claim ‘crash’?) The iPhone was a breath of fresh air but appeared rather limited in a bunch of locations. Even my rotten Home windows phone had genuine apps. 2G appeared another mis-step, however everything else was so revolutionary I jumped and holding my nose moved back to AT&T from Verizon.

Ilene Hoffman

1. This is the year that Apple Computer system, Inc. came to be Apple, Inc. I went to the keynote under the auspices of another Mac website for which I composed. Of the keynote, I composed in a blog article, “The Apple, Inc. Keynote at Macworld Expo left a lot of folks less compared to thrilled. While lots of individuals drooled at the idea of an Apple phone, it seems that the two-product targeted Keynote speech left many folks wishing. Snippets of conversations overheard consisted of comments that passionate Mac users desired to see some brand-new Macintosh product statements.”

2. I thought it was a smooth looking tool, but was even more ecstatic to see Kevin Smith at Macworld.

3. My very first and just iPhone is the iPhone 4. It’s still in beautiful health condition and going sturdy.

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