The other day a brand new weather condition application landed on the App Store and got in a congested pool with the likes of Yahoo and The Climate Network. Exactly what makes the app specifically one-of-a-kind– and why you will not locate it on any “New Release” listing– is that it’s being released as an update to an existing application. It’s called Dark Sky, and this probably isn’t really the first you have actually listened to the name.

For just but 2 years now, the US$ 3.99 Dark Sky was the anti-weather application. It held the existing weather problems as its concern and made no try at extensive forecasts. There was a radar feature that was smooth yet selective. It was an application with an extremely particular– and some would state minimal– purpose, however its unique approach to survive earned it considerable focus on the App Store and aided it acquire oral allure.

Then, iOS 7 occurred.

Similar to countless other iOS designers in the wake of the iOS 7 expose, Dark Sky wished to do something fresh. But just what? As Dark Sky’s Adam Grossman informed me, that choice was driven by both what his team had actually learned and also a wish to develop something they themselves would adore.

“We introduced 2 years earlier, and we didn’t understand anything regarding the weather condition two years earlier,” Grossman says. “We were making big claims like ‘You don’t require a full-featured climate application, you merely should understand whether it’s raining in the next hr.’ We’ve created this weather service (the Projection API) since we really did not wish to take weather condition from or Accuweather, and we recognized that, these weather apps that exist – there’s some actually great ones now, and a bunch of them utilize our API – yet there wasn’t the excellent weather condition application that we desired. If we’re in the weather condition business and we can’t use our own climate app as our daily to view what’s visiting take place for the following week or so then that sort of pulls.”

But unlike the decision to totally flesh out the brand-new Dark Sky, the suggestion of supplying it free of charge had not been consistently the plan.

“For the longest time we were visualizing that it would certainly be a paid upgrade. It was type of a final decision to make it a regular upgrade. [iOS 7] gives us a prime, gold possibility for having the ability to bill for an upgrade,” he said. “But the reason it finished up being simply a regular upgrade is that I seem like we’re in an unique position. Our application is kind of expensive reviewed to applications as a whole, and absolutely survive apps. There’s a million free weather condition apps available, so it felt kind of odd to bill people an added $ 4.”

There are plenty of paid apps that have actually used iOS 7’s redesign as an opportunity to reinvent themselves and oftentimes introduce totally brand-new products that lug their own cost of entrance. Dark Sky absolutely seems to have gained from the not-always-kind public response to this kind of technique.

“Two things would happen if we billed for an upgrade,” he claims. “The very first thing is: We would certainly piss off a great deal of individuals, and they would not be as happy concerning the application. Our sales originate from word of mouth, so if we piss off our users, that’s less people that will certainly disperse the word concerning our application and are pleased about it. The second thing is, my gut informs me that less compared to half of the individuals which own it now would certainly spend for an upgrade, and if we’re going to have people available talking about the application we want them talking about the brand-new one.”

I’ve taken the brand-new variation of Dark Sky for a short spin previously today and a couple points are right away clear: It’s got the exact same easy-to-navigate feel of the initial application, and it’s likewise a great deal more effective than I anticipated. Search for a comprehensive testimonial on TUAW coming quickly.

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