There is a bunch of talk now regarding Apple’s decision not to toss a number of gigabytes of memory at the iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus, specifically due to exactly how molds of Android smartphones tend to provide memory upwards of 2GB. Why, when some Android phones have up to 3 times as much memory, does the iPhone execute so well?

That was essentially the very same inquiry placed to Quora, the social web site that provides individuals a way to ask inquiries then have them addressed by people which are specialists in their corresponding area. The upvoting system includes an area of authority tracking to the solutions that are offered, as well as we have a clear winner as for the concern around why Android phones have so a lot more memory than apples iphone.

Go into Glyn Williams.


The reaction, upvoted by over 2,600 individuals, included an useful chart and also an explanation that includes rubbish collection and also Java. Generally, Android requires more memory as a result of the means it manages points.

You can directly over to the Quora concern and look at Glyn’s explanation on your own, but what it boils down to is this: Android applications use Java, and because of this Android does something called rubbish collection which includes memory being recycled as soon as applications are finished with it. That’s all well and good, and also in fact performs really well when given lots of memory to collaborate with. The issues emerge when the system is deprived of memory.

Making use of the diagram given, Williams explains that garbage man are at their best when they have a family member memory footprint of 4 or 8. In effect, that implies that Android needs 4 or 8 times as much memory as it’s really utilizing in order to perform its garbage collection duties. Decrease the quantity of offered memory, as well as points begin to experience significantly.


So what concerning iOS? Well, it doesn’t use Android design trash for starters, which implies that it does not require all the extra memory linked with Java and also Android. Apple developed iOS to need the memory that it’s utilizing as opposed to have added memory reserve for something like trash and also consequently iPhones don’t have to be loaded to the gills with memory chips.

If you have actually ever wondered why those beefy Android phones still stutter when they have a couple of apps open as well as you try and also open up a menu, then this description is one, not all, of the reason.

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