I was reviewing something today, which is a thing that I do once in a while, and this particular something took place to be on 24/7 Wall surface St.

wall street

It was the rumor du jour that Apple just put an order for 90 million units of the new iPhone. Neato! I imply, entirely unverifiable, however neato anyway! As I continued to review, I stumbled upon a particularly fascinating quote.

“The iPhone 6 is anticipated to showcase a larger screen, much better electronic camera and other attributes. It is anticipated to be announced in June, with sales beginning in September.”

As report fodder goes, these are mostly very safe:

  • Larger show: Likely.
  • A lot better video camera: For certain.
  • Other attributes: Well, I certain hope so.
  • Announced in June, available in September: Wait … what?

I often overlook the sillier of the iPhone rumors as soon as they pop up, but I wondered about where the whole “June statement” point began. It seems to have originated from Chinese analyst Sun Changxu which told a Chinese-language website QQ Tech that “she expects” an iPhone 6 launching at WWDC. That assumption was then repeated by a variety of tech blog sites and it ended up being the go-to mythical debut day.

If this concept were to really come to accomplishment, it would certainly be the shortest time in between the launch of a new iPhone and the announcement of its predecessor, and also the first time in the Tim Chef age that a brand-new iPhone debuted at WWDC. So, no, history isn’t really specifically on Changxu’s side.

Include in that the entire “with sales beginning in September” point, which would put approximately 3 months in between announcement and retail launch. It goes without saying, that theory completely flies in the face of every recent iPhone launch. The size of time in between statement and launch of the previous 4 brand-new iPhones goes like this:

  • iPhone 4: 16 days
  • iPhone 4s: 10 days
  • iPhone 5: 9 days
  • iPhone 5s/5c: 10 days

Apple would never announce a brand-new version of an existing gadget with a 3-month space until delivery merely since it would eliminate sales of the current-gen tool. It’s not brain surgery.

So exactly what we have is an U.S. economic website regurgitating an off-the-wall assumption of a Chinese expert to Commercial capitalists. And we wonder why the stock market is constantly so damn puzzled (and wrong) concerning Apple.

So why would Apple announce the new iPhone in June? It wouldn’t.

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