If just what they say concerning imitation and flattery is real, then the people at Apple should be pretty darn flattered right now after Xiaomi flaunted the brand-new variation of their certain taste of Android – MIUI 6.

Shown off for the first time, MIUI 6 is the new version of Android that will certainly grace Xiaomi’s new tablets and mobile phones and it needs to be claimed, it looks rather familiar definitely.


We’re unsure whether it’s the rather bright color palette or absence of depth provided by the new layout, yet there’s most definitely a clearly iOS 7-like feel to just what the Chinese tool maker has actually been flaunting.

The resemblances go additionally compared to some spit and brighten also, as screenshots of the phone’s setups display, Compass app and Cam application program what can only be called a copy of exactly what iPhone and iPad customers have actually been making use of for the last 1 Year since the intro of iOS 7.

With the Xiaomi Chief Executive Officer evidently attempting to transform himself into a clone of Steve Jobs, it would certainly show up that he acquired a little brought away when instructing his software program layout team about exactly what he wished from MIUI 6.


Improved Android, MIUI has long been among the better Android skins around and with this technique to a a lot more iOS-like interface it’s clear that its designers have been drawing inspiration from the direction Apple has actually been relocating in with iOS which, actually, is no bad point. When also an environments screen begins to look almost identical to Apple’s providing though, it might be time to call it back a tad.

However if you recognize exactly what they say – – if you cannot defeat ‘‘ em, duplicate them!

Take an appearance at the screenshots here and see on your own where MIUI is headed:





It’s rather weird that despite of all the lawsuits taken by Apple versus various firms, the copying warmth hasn’t perished down one little bit, and MIUI 6 is a proof to that idea. But it would certainly be a lot more intriguing to view where MIUI be headed as soon as iOS 8 is released later the fall.

Just what do you make of all this? Do you think MIUI 6 is a shameless rip-off of iOS 7? Or do you think it’s software ‘innovation’? Leave your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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