type nine

Anyone that utilized a cellular phone for texting before the smartphone revolution knows exactly how perfectly enchanting typing out a message using merely ten buttons could be. Once you acquired utilised to it as well as grasped its often eccentric means, typing in the T9 might be equally as fast as any sort of other input technique, and also now you could relive the splendor days with a third celebration iOS keyboard called Type Nine.

Type Nine offers you simply 9 message input keys or even provides newbies a tutorial on how T9 functions. The anticipating message feature– which will just propose potential words instead of automatically finishing them for you– could be used in English, Spanish, and Danish, with a number of language support based on how you organize the language priorities. The keyboard will keep track of your most used words as well as suggest those more often, depending on your practices, so your typing rate will acquire faster as the app discovers your individual style.

You can get the application for US$ 0.99 and also get instantaneously carried back to the days of the Motorola RAZR, or you can keep typing on that particular fancy schmancy QWERTY keyboard while most of us appreciate our fond memories travels without you.

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