This early morning Matt Boch, the innovative director for Fantasia Games, discovered of perhaps terrifying fact for iOS emoji addicts; you might mistakenly be sending your buddies an emoji of a hirsute heart.

It transforms out when iOS users send out a yellow emoji heart to the phone of a close friend (or enemy I expect) the emoji could turn up as a bushy heart.

Normally we really felt compelled to check this fact. Our really own Mike Wehner examined it out by messaging his beloved HTC One from his iPhone and was incapable to replicate the results. The concept was seemingly disproved, till we acquired the outcomes of our back up experiment. Behold.

It turns out on some Android tools iOS emoji do not appear as they’re meant. Inevitably this shouldn’t trigger folks way too many troubles, unless you’re in a truly complicated partnership where a hairy heart has some type of meaning we’re missing out on. That doesn’t indicate unconsciously sending out the incorrect emoji isn’t really slightly frustrating.

Evidently Matt Boch was additionally pondering regarding this problem, so he did a slightly research with the phone he originally discovered the quirk in. He discovered a lot of iOS emojis that showed up differently on his Android device, though none of them are very as different as the yellow heart to bushy heart conversion.

So utilize caution dear visitors. We’re living in a terrifying new globe, one where we could not rely on that emoji we’re sending out is really the emoji that will be supplied. If you’re stressed there’s definitely just one solution: Go back to using words.

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