Do you have an all new, initial iPhone laying around within its closed box? You probably do not, but if you do, you could be interested to listen to that you might sell that out-of-date item of smartphone past for a sizable sum of cash. How sizable? Well, how does US$ 15,000 sound?

ebay listing

As it was the launching smartphone from Apple, and of course the oldest, the variety of devices in circulation is much smaller than subsequent designs.

The number of iPhone 2Gs that continue to be concealed inside closed boxes is smaller sized still, making them a valuable enthusiasts thing for some.

As the mentioning goes, something is just worth just what someone wants to spend for it, and eBay makes locating that information a very straightforward affair. A fast search reveals many completed listings (implying the item was purchased) for the iPhone 2G, with the littlest sale rate sitting at $ 2,800. I repeat: That’s the lowest rate one has actually recently cost.

On the higher end of things, a 4GB iPhone secured in its box fetched a payday for its homeowner of $ 15,000. And this wasn’t some weird mis-click; The comments relating to the purchase declared on both parties, with the buyer quite delighted with the acquisition. But hi, it had free shipping, to ensure that’s a strong offer, right?

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