If you assumed Flappy Bird was duping Super Mario Brothers, you’re willing to throw your iPhone down in craze when you play Zodiac Dodge.

The video game’s premise is basic, yet well carried out; customers control a monkey throughout a circular 3D isometric board. Your task is to get as numerous bananas as possible before a throng of bullets gun you down. For the sake of precision, permits phone call these bullets “Costs.”

The activity comes fast and angry, with the average video game time lasting just a couple of secs until you master points. Even then my finest time was only around one minute of having fun. Exactly what’s irritating is I cannot condemn my reduced score on cruddy controls. Moving is tight and responsive. I’m simply dreadful at dodging this hail of living bullets.

While its difficultly is punishing, the addition of health and wellness power-ups keeps Zodiac Dodge from feeling unfair. There are convenient clocks that pop up periodically that decelerate the pace of the bullets. “Bullet time” if you will. Certainly they would not call it that and run the risk of copyright infringement, so they have actually called it Matrix instead.

Clearly there are other gamers which are understanding the game. Many thanks to the included leaderboards I recognize there’s at least one individual around who has managed to score 59,800 factors.

With such easy video game play technicians it would be easy to write this one off as a fast burner video game, but then you find the video game’s included accomplishments and acquire pulled right back in. Currently there are only 10 accomplishments to be unlocked, yet if designer Maple Syrup Gamings is clever they’ll include much more in a future upgrade.

Zodiac Dodge is a great option for your little one’s iPod touch just before a lengthy automobile trip. The intense graphics are vivid and its platforming action has the charm of a harsh gallery classic. The most up to date update presented a graphics upgrade, so it looks like the designers are dedicated to renovation.

I’m still trying to identify exactly what the zodiac pertains to the title, however it doesn’t really issue. There’s an ape available that needs my assistance dodging bullets. Until he’s risk-free, the celebrities could hang around.

You could discover Zodiac Dodge now completely free in the iTunes Store.

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