9 Best iPhone Pranks To Draw On Your Pals

There are few things in life more enjoyable than getting one over on a buddy or work associate. Nothing too sinister naturally, just a little dig occasionally to keep the day moving along. It’s exactly what pals do.

So if you take place to understand someone with an iPhone and who is naive enough to not utilize a passcode with it then we have put together a list of nine simple, and more significantly, fast ways of pranking them. All nine will have them puzzled and maybe bewildered, but they will hopefully see the funny side when they recognize what’s going on.

iPhone pranks

So what precisely can you do to obtain the laughs flowing?

Never-Ending Typing


You understand those three animated dots that show when somebody is typing in iMessage? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could send somebody a GIF of that precise animation so that they sit awaiting a reply that will never come? Why yes, yes it would. You can download such a GIF here.

Broken Screen Wallpaper


This one never gets old. Just download a wallpaper on your pal’s phone which has broken glass patterns on it. Lock their phone, and await the mini-heartattack to follow as they get their device and unlock it. Priceless.

The Classic Contact Switch


This one might take a little time, but the essence of it is that you’re going to change the name of your contact, offering it a name that provides itself to being abused. Change your name to ‘‘ Father’ for example and then send a text stating incriminating then watch as your mark squirms.

The Frozen Home Screen

iPhone 6 side main

This is an old one for anyone who was around when this was all the rage on Windows PCs, however it’s still an excellent one of getting individuals with. Essentially all you have to do is take a screenshot of somebody’s home screen, move all their apps to a second screen and after that apply the screenshot as their wallpaper. Oh, and afterwards watch as they try to tap icons that do not exist. Yes it’s childish, however it’s guarenteed to make you laugh.

Inverted Colors


Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on the Invert Colors toggle. The next time your buddy gets his iPhone, he’ll believe the graphics chip has gone bonkers. This will certainly leave head scratching to its finest.

Autocorrect Fun


Utilizing the integrated iOS keyboard shortcuts, set something harmless to be immediately changed to something more fascinating when typed. We’ll leave the words to your creativity here, just try not to be too vulgar!

The Trapped In Wallpaper Prank

glass prank

Back up a clear glass window and claim that you’re stuck inside. Take a photo in a manner that looks as if you’re caught inside a phone. You see where this is going? Good. Now set it as your good friend’s lock screen and wait.

Guided Access Lockout


The iOS Guided Gain access to feature is great if you desire to keep an iPhone or an iPad locked to one app, which makes it ideal for tricks. Turn Guided Gain access to on and then introduce an app that’s suitably tiring like Stocks prior to activating Guided Access by pressing the Home button three times. Set a PIN and afterwards watch as they attempt to exit the app which is impossible without the PIN you just set.

Awkward Selfie

Send a version of this conversation to the victim.


And just await them to begin sending out unexacting uncomfortable looking selfies. It truly works!

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