Activité Pop Testimonial: Hands-On With Withings’ Simple and Elegant $149 Activity Tracker

The Apple Watch is fantastic since it lets you get notices, communicate with friends, gain access to apps from your iPhone, and tape a wealth of activity-related information, but it’s likewise a device that requires a heavy quantity of interaction.

It demands that you look at your wrist when you receive an alert, it taps you on the arm when you’re not standing up every hour, and it frequently advises you about your fitness goals. It necessaries to be charged every night and it has actually to be taken off with every shower, so simply put, it’s not a device you can slap on your wrist and forget about.

Because of that alone, not even taking expense into account, the Apple Watch is not a device that’s ideal for everyone. There are many individuals who may prefer smart devices and activity trackers that need far less interaction and our Withings Activité Pop review is aimed at those people.

The Activité Pop is practically the specific reverse of the Apple Watch. Where the Apple Watch commands your attention, the Pop unobtrusively integrates itself into your life– you do not have to charge it, it’s water-proof so it can be worn at all times and never ever removed, and you only require to glance at it when you need to know the time or your development in the direction of your daily movement objective.


The Activité Pop has a gender neutral design that harkens back to the basic plastic analog Example watches that were popular in the 80s and 90s. It’s a modern-day take on a classic watch with clean lines and colors that fit a range of tastes: Bright Azure, Shark Grey, and Wild Sand. The Pop is monochrome– watch faces match watch bands.

With the blue watch, for instance, the face and band are both blue, offering it a downplayed look that’s not going to draw attention to your wrist. The available colors are benign sufficient to match most outfits, and the stylish design doesn’t stick out at the health club or at the office.

I have a small wrist (137mm or about 5.4 inches) and the Pop fit well (if a bit loose) on the second-to-last wrist band hole. The watch face did not look overly large on my wrist, nor did it look too small on someone with a bigger wrist. I found it to be similar in size (33mm) to the 38mm Apple Watch, however a little broader and much shorter due to the round face.

The band is made from a supple silicone that’s as pliable as the fluoroelastomer of the Apple Watch Sport, but not rather as soft. Inside, the silicone of the band is ridged, a design that seems to provide it more stretch and versatility. The watch housing is stainless-steel with mineral glass covering the dial, and integrated, the face and the band are light enough to be undetectable, even on a little wrist.

Compared to a standard watch, the watch face is thicker to accommodate both a regular watch battery and activity tracking components, but the density doesn’t alter the visual and it isn’t really a hinderance on the wrist. Mentioning that battery, it will last for approximately 8 months. You never require to charge the Pop, a major advantage compared with many other activity trackers on the market that require regular charging.

After receiving the Pop, I put it on and I haven’t taken it off since except to take images for the testimonial. It’s bigger than competing activity monitoring bands like the Jawbone UP or the Fitbit Flex, but it’s comfortable enough to put on all the time, even when sleeping, bathing, and exercising. I don’t usually wear anything on my wrists, and the Activité Pop has been simple to adjust to.

I just experienced a small amount of inflammation to my wrist after sleeping on it with the Pop on, and after showering when the band got somewhat damp below. The Pop is totally waterproof, so you can wear it swimming, in the shower, at the beach, or anywhere that it may get wet.

Activity Tracking

Wearing the Activité Pop on one wrist and the Apple Watch on another wrist for a week made me value the unobtrusiveness of the Pop. While the Apple Watch sends me motion reminders regularly and nags me to obtain up out of my chair on the hour, the Pop silently tracks my motion throughout the day.

There’s a little dial on the watch face that determines progress towards a daily activity goal (which is customizable), however aside from that, all activity info is conveyed through the iPhone. The Pop links to the iPhone via Bluetooth (setting it up and linking it is an incredibly simple process) and sends out info to the going along with Withings Health Mate iOS app whenever the iPhone and the Pop are near one another.

I haven’t minded opening up my iPhone to see in-depth information on my motion and calories burned every day, however numerous of the available activity trackers on the market do provide displays that have the information right on the wrist, so the lack of a display is certainly a drawback if you wish to avoid needing to examine your iPhone on a routine basis.

At the top, front and center, the app displays steps taken every day and progress to your movement objective. Tapping on that section of the app gives a more thorough look, offering times you were active, distance took a trip, calories burned, and a take a look at any workout you did.

The Pop can instantly discover when you’re active, identifying your activity based on activity. If you go for a run, for example, it can tell you’re moving faster and will record that motion as a run. This function isn’t extremely sophisticated– it doesn’t know when you’re doing yoga or biking, however it works for walking and running. In a future upgrade, it’ll also be able to track swimming.

You can get weekly introductions of activity in the app, and it will give you unfortunate faces or smiley deals with when you miss out on movement goals or beat them, together with tips to include more motion to your day. Comprehensive longer term tracking is not consisted of, which is a disadvantage. For people aiming to drop weight, there’s a section for adding weight measurements (it integrates with the Withings line of connected scales if you have one of those), but calorie counting and food logging isn’t readily available.

Like most of the activity trackers on the market, the Pop includes an accelerometer to track steps taken and utilizes the info to approximate calories burned and time invested exercising. Precise movement monitoring is something many people want from an activity tracker and this is one area where I had a small problem with the Pop I reviewed.

No wrist-worn activity tracker is going to estimate steps taken with 100 percent accuracy since we move our wrists on such a frequent basis even when stable, however the Pop’s activity approximates appeared on the low side, so I did some walk and run tests to compare it to other devices.

During a 5 minute walk test comparing the Pop to a Jawbone UP and the Apple Watch, the Pop measured 475 steps, the Jawbone determined 583, and the Apple Watch determined 571. All 3 trackers were used on the same wrist.

In a 5 minute jog test, the Pop measured 903 steps, the Jawbone UP determined 997, and the Apple Watch measured 1,015. Outcomes were comparable in repeated activity tests, with the Pop measuring slightly fewer steps than the Apple Watch and the Jawbone UP.

In office simulations that measured activity while sitting at a desk and getting up a few times for numerous jobs, the Pop was more accurate. Over two hours, it determined 97 steps, while the Apple Watch counted 102 and the Jawbone UP counted 88.

Daily results in between the Pop and the Apple Watch differed by a few hundred steps, however during a day, the Pop’s activity monitoring capabilities are not so far off that it makes a huge distinction when approximating daily activity level. If it’s measuring 10,000 steps or whatever your daily activity objective is (you can tailor this objective in the app), you’re probably striking that quantity of activity.

Sleep Monitoring

In addition to activity monitoring, sleep tracking is another significant feature of the Activité Pop. If you use the watch while sleeping, it will monitor how frequently you stand up and your light and deep sleep cycles, based upon motion. As I discussed before, the Pop is comfortable enough to use during the night, though it can be unpleasant if you’re a side sleeper that lays on an arm as I am.

I monitored my sleep for numerous nights with the Activité Pop and a Jawbone UP to compare and contrast the two, and in my experience, the Pop’s sleep monitoring abilities were inaccurate. The Pop was not excellent at tracking the “falling asleep” stage, telling me that I went to sleep within 2 minutes each night for three weeks straight, and while I want I was such a solid sleeper, I’m not.

The Pop had not been delicate adequate to be able to identify when I entered bed. So during the going to sleep procedure, where I was tossing and turning to obtain comfy, the Pop thought that I was still up and awake and did not begin monitoring my sleep routines up until I was completely still. It really takes me between 10 and Thirty Minutes to go to sleep each night, and for comparison’s sake, the Jawbone UP was better at properly identifying when I entered bed and when I went to sleep each night.


Sleep metrics from the Pop left wing, UP on the right
The distinction between the 2? The UP has a physical button to switch between sleep/wake mode, so you inform it when you enter bed. The Pop discovers sleep immediately and its ability to identify when you’re sleeping and awake is inadequate.

It was also unable to inform when I woke up. I tend to awaken and shift to sitting at a desk to inspect email and messages in the early mornings, leading the Pop to think I was still asleep.

The Pop did accurately track the times when I got up for water during the night, and its movement monitoring while I was asleep resembled the information I got from the Jawbone UP. It’s hard to tell whether the deep/light sleep times offered are correct, because I didn’t feel visibly different in between a night when it said I got a simply over an hour of deep sleep and a night where it signed up five hours of deep sleep.

Outside of a lab with sleep monitoring equipment, there’s no way to determine the accuracy of deep/light sleep data from any of the activity trackers. Even if the data provided by the Pop is appropriate, I’m unsure there’s much I or any individual else might do with it. Knowing that I slept for 7 hours and possibly got 2:30 hours of deep sleep isn’t details I can use in any way.

Other Features

Along with monitoring sleep and activity, the Pop has a couple of other noteworthy features worth explaining. Since it links to your iPhone, the time updates on a routine basis to match the iPhone’s time, so it’s able to change between time zones immediately. It adjusts a couple of times daily so the time is always accurate.

It’s likewise able to update through the iPhone, so Withings can provide firmware updates on a routine basis to improve the function of the Pop.

Through the app, it’s possible to set an alarm on the Pop to wake you up in the mornings. When the alarm goes off, the Pop will vibrate 12 times, and regrettably, there’s no chance to snooze or to turn it off. I don’t require much help getting up in the mornings, so the inability to shut it off was aggravating. On the plus side, setting the alarm made the sleep tracking more accurate, as it knows you’re awake when the alarm goes off. There’s also a cool function relevant to the alarm– if you tap on the watch face, the hands will circle around to let you know what time it’s set for. Another downside to be mindful of: you can only set one alarm.

The app likewise has a choice to link with buddies for a “weekly step challenge” to encourage yourself to walk more. Linking with buddies includes a leaderboard that ranks who strolls one of the most and it lets you sent out messages to cheer friends on or tease them. Not everyone will certainly find this feature useful, but for those who are inspired by their social circle, it behaves to have.

The very best feature in the app may be a surprisingly accurate device for determining heart rate through the iPhone’s cam. Tapping the “+” button lets you enter weight, heart rate, or blood pressure, and if you pick heart rate, the app will certainly advise you to put your finger over the electronic camera.

Holding a finger over both the camera and the flash (which turns on immediately) lets the flash brighten your finger so the iPhone video camera can see blood flow, determining heart rate. In contrast to both a Polar heart rate monitor and the Apple Watch, the app’s measurements were nearly constantly identify on, or near it, as long as my finger was in the ideal position.

It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that there’s an Apple Watch app that goes along with the Health Mate app for the iPhone, though people are unlikely to be using both an Apple Watch and a Pop. It shows steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep. A Glimpse view likewise shows activity.

Battery and Maintenance

The Pop uses a basic CR2025 cell battery so it does not ever have to be charged, and in a world where we regularly have to charge several devices on a nightly basis, a watch that doesn’t necessary recharging is revitalizing. A single battery lasts for around eight months, at which point you’ll necessary to replace it.

A CR2025 battery expenses $$ 5 on Amazon for a pack of 5, so the additional rate of changing the battery is minimal. You’ll know to change the battery when the Pop no more vibrates when the reset button is pushed or when the hands stop moving. Changing it requires a little device that ships with the watch, so you’ll wish to put that in a safe place.

Since it’s water-proof, you can clean the Pop with soap and water if it gets filthy, and if you wish to change the band, Withings offers extra bands. The can be found in a variety of colors like Orange, Plum, and Teal for $$ 39.99.

Bottom Line

The Activité Pop is one of the most attractive activity trackers offered on the marketplace, setting itself apart from the typical band with a timeless watch face and an easy design that transitions quickly from fitness center to office.

In my screening, the Pop didn’t seem to be as accurate as the Apple Watch and the Jawbone UP when determining steps taken and range took a trip, but when it concerns activity tracking, most of us are going for a general photo of health rather than a dead accurate step/sleep count, and the Pop delivers on that front.

Wearing the Activité Pop, you’re getting a general concept of how much movement you’re getting, how frequently you’re exercising, whether you’re dropping weight, and whether you’re getting adequate sleep, makings it just as beneficial as other tracker on the marketplace. Fundamental step monitoring, sleep tracking, and exercise tracking is all most of us have to be motivated to include more movement to our lives.

As a caution, if you need accurate sleep monitoring capabilities instead of an overall idea of how long you’ve slept, the Pop is not the band to buy. It was incorrect for me and a quick Internet search suggests other people also discovered it to be unreliable.

The Pop is not going to fit the requirements of significant athletes who need heart rate monitoring, GPS, and other premium features, but for casual use, the Pop is among the much better selections you can make due to the fact that you do not have to charge it, it needs no interaction, it’s water resistant, and it has an app that’s attractive and easy to utilize. It’s more costly than some competing items, however if it fits your aesthetic, it might be worth the additional money.

Though it appears like a watch, the Activité Pop is not a smartwatch. It’s an activity tracker that tells the time, and that’s okay, because there are lots of people out there who just do not require the complicated interactions and notices that devices like the Apple Watch provide.



  • 8 month battery life
  • Simple, stylish design
  • Waterproof
  • Accurate heart rate monitoring through app
  • Comfortable strap


  • No display for quick info
  • Basic tracking only
  • Sleep tracking is inaccurate
  • Underestimates steps taken/distance traveled at times
  • Pricier than competing products
  • No snooze for alarm

The best ways to Purchase

The Activité Pop can be purchased from the Withings website for $149.

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