In the months leading up to the overview of the iPhone 6 last September, Moscow-based luxury modified iPhone business Feld & Volk shared a wealth of information about the device, beginning with high-quality images and video of a rough rear shell and moving on to individual components like the embedded Apple logo design and extending rear video camera.

In the future, the company was able to obtain nearly all of the parts for the iPhone 6, consisting of the logic board that exposed such details as an NFC chip, Qualcomm LTE modem, and a base 16 GB storage option.


Feld & Volk’s iPhone 6 built from parts revealed booting to “Connect to iTunes” screen
Ultimately, Feld & Volk was even able to construct a working device from the parts, supporting theories the device would consist of a 1334 x 750 screen, which were eventually proven correct.

Lots of MacRumors readers are anxiously awaiting part leaks from the next-generation “iPhone 6s” anticipated to debut around the normal September timeframe, and while the device is expected to be aesthetically nearly similar to the current models given Apple’s pattern of iPhone designs, there will certainly be some improvements and other changes any approaching part leakages will help us recognize.

Ahead of those part leaks, we talked to Feld & Volk’s Alexander Volkov about his background, the business’s history and products, and the troubles in mading available luxury products and materials constructed around Apple’s designs.

Feld & Volk came from 2007 following the launch of the initial iPhone, when Volkov and a classmate set up a laboratory at the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics where the pair was studying electronic engineering.

Born out of efforts to light up the Apple logo design on the device, the pair launched Feld & Volk as an independent company in 2008 following the launching of the iPhone 3G, with an intent to develop personalized versions of the device.

Feld & Volk’s efforts were helped by a collaboration with Russian designer Denis Simachev, whose strong prints resulted in the creation of the SimaPhone 3G and subsequent generations. As Volkov notes, the SimaPhone 3G with its brightened Apple logo, 18K gold-plated buttons, and distinct design variations rapidly became popular with stars and other high-profile figures in the country.


Initial SimaPhone 3G from 2008
We then varied the line; different designs of SimaPhone had diverse mixes of colors with fantastic visual effects, which took us almost 6 months to establish. This was the advanced message of customized design and function that I wished to communicate. […]

It ended up being the desired product for a wide range of critical people from company professionals to football and hockey stars, fashion and program company stars, politicians, and even previous the president of Russia and existing Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.Feld & Volk has finished with variations of the SimaPhone for each brand-new iPhone model, and the business now has 32 full-time workers in engineering, design, and production to build the highly customized devices.


iPhone 5s customized for previous NHL and Russian Olympic group goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin with Ferrari logo design and lighted jersey number

Throughout the process, Volkov and his group emphasize individuality while staying true to the performance and feel developed by Apple, seeking to strike a balance that will interest luxury consumers eager to invest countless dollars on a device.

From day one, I was figured out to establish the concepts our team believe and follow them till now. We are intending not to transform the brilliant shape of ideal Apple devices, but to offer the distinct sense of originality to a device made use of by countless individuals all over the world. It is an unique masterpiece that we provide to our customers while retaining the capability of the initial Apple product. I am consumed with keeping this goal through a really cautious combination of the materials utilized to send a special experience of the popular, but definitely brand-new device.

The newest version of the SimaPhone is based on the iPhone 6 and makes use of an anodized titanium back panel inlaid with Simachev’s trademark Khokhloma Russian folk prints and covered by a 5-inch sapphire sheet. The iPhone frame and buttons are plated with 24K gold, and the Apple logo design is lit up.


SimaPhone 6

In recent months, Feld & Volk has actually broadened its iPhone 6 collection with the same basic design however utilizing new products such as wood and carbon fiber. The majority of standard models are priced in the $ 4000 range, although separately tailored devices can run much higher baseding upon materials.

Volkov points out that “time constantly bets us “with the phones, as his company has to invest greatly in bringing its modified iPhones to market rapidly even as Apple is currently approaching the next generation.

You only have one year to:

1)Purchase iPhones, which are offered at the best prices at the launch of
each brand-new model.

2)Establish technological platforms and axioms of the brand-new design for our devices on the basis of which we will customize the device. This can take up to six months.

3)Supply our partners with the phone, inform the public about its release.

4)Offer the device.

5) Get paid.

This urgency is exactly what has actually led Volkov to aggressively look for access to pre-production parts such as those leaked from the iPhone 6, with the business making use of the parts it acquires to obtain a head start on creating its own modifications.

Feld & Volk’s success in the luxury iPhone modification market has drawn the interest of fashion sellers in Russia and beyond, with one of the more significant collaborations being with Colette, the same Parisian shop where Apple held the first public watching of the Apple Watch last September simply weeks after it was unveiled in a media occasion. Colette is also among a handful of high-end sellers offering the Apple Watch in their shops.

Volkov and his team are no doubt resolving their connections to attempt to learn about the”iPhone 6s”ahead of its launching expected just 3 months from now. We definitely anticipate parts from the upcoming devices will certainly start leaking in the near future as is typical, increase over the next a number of months heading into the launch. As is true of most”s “generations offered the design similarities to the previous generation, the problem will can be found in identifying parts planned for the brand-new devices from the present ones.

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