Anker PowerCore Fusion now available at the Apple Store, a USB-C wall charger that doubles as a portable battery

Apple is now selling a very interesting Anker accessory, called the Anker PowerCore Fusion with Power Delivery. In a package about the same size as Apple’s laptop chargers, this unit doubles as both a USB-C wall charger and a 5000 mAh portable battery, for charging on-the-go.

This is the next-generation model of the previous PowerCore Fusion, which featured slower power throughput and micro-USB / USB-A ports.

The new PowerCore boasts a USB-C port and a USB-A port. The USB-C port supports power delivery and can transmit up to 30W power to a MacBook, iPad, or iPhone. The USB-A port can transmit 12W power which still outclasses Apple’s bundled-in-box 5W iPhone charger.

If plugged into the wall, the PowerCore quietly tops up its own internal battery. If you get in a pinch whilst travelling, you can start sipping from the battery hidden inside the charger. The 5000 mAh capacity can fully recharge modern iPhones, with plenty left to spare.