Apple Denies ‘Bracking’ Application Because of One Little Mention of Android in a Screenshot

At this issue we probably shouldn’t be also surprised when Apple denies an application throughout the Application Storeevaluation since. Well, it takes place constantly. We should not be as well shocked when the factor for that denial seems a bit on the unusual side either because, regrettably, that too takes place constantly.

Merely recall over the work couple of months and you’ll see a stressing number of applications being turned down for reasons the typical iPhone individual could feel are somewhat odd.When we read about rejections we do not even raise an eyebrow at this point, so when we found out about popular information notice app Damaging being rejected we didn’t take excessive notification. Until we review the factor why.


According to the app’s developer Michael Flarup, using Twitter, Breaking’s version 1.3 update was turned down by the App Store testimonial group because it stated Apple’s competitor in the mobile area, specifically Google’s Android, in a screenshot.

We already know that Apple isn’t really crazy about Android turning up anywhere on its App Store, however the instance with Breaking isn’t really rather as apparent as that. See, the reference of Android that acquired the App Store reviewers so hot under the collar? It works in a screenshot. And it’s a genuine newspaper article. From a reputable news site.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.59.16 AM


While we currently recognize that Apple will not enable app designers to state the Android version of their apps in an App Store application’s description, we cannot help but believe that a person in Cupertino, or any place application review is outsourced to, is being a little excitable here.

As with a lot of situations of App Store reviews going awry we expect Cracking to be upgraded un due program, yet we simply can not rather fathom why Apple would feel the demand to deny an application for discussing Android by doing this. At this factor which’s visiting find out about Android for the very first time from an app in Apple’s Application Store?

Once the screenshot is gotten rid of or doctored we expect to see Damaging’s version 1.3 update arrive in an App Store near you. Or perhaps Apple wants the designer to go further than that? We’ll recognize for certain in the days ahead.

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