Apple Fitness Plus details: Apple Watch requirement, more

Fitness+ is here and we’ve been digging into the new service and discovering more specifics. Follow along for a look at some interesting Apple Fitness Plus details like how the Apple Watch requirement works, screenshots being blocked, what sharing looks like, a deal with Unitedhealthcare and Life Time fitness clubs, and more.

Fitness+ sharing and no screenshots

After completing a Fitness+ workout, you have the option to share it with the native iOS share sheet which includes a link to the workout. As it happens, your workout performance is included when sharing a link to that specific Fitness+ workout on an Apple device in Messages. However, for those viewing on other devices or the web, it seems to just a web preview for the workout.

Like Apple TV+, taking screenshots of Fitness+ workouts is blocked (you’ll just see black screens) so you’ll have to resort to other options to grab footage of the sessions.

Apple Watch requirement

As Apple says, Fitness+ does require Apple Watch to initially activate the service but interesting enough, you can do the workouts on iPhone and iPad without Apple Watch. If the devices don’t detect your Apple Watch, you’ll get an option to “Work Out Without Watch” as shown below:

Apple Fitness Plus details Apple Watch requirement

Burn Bar

There’s no leaderboard for Apple Fitness+ but there is one leaderboard-esque/competitive component: the optional Burn Bar. Here’s how Apple describes it:

The Burn Bar shows your effort compared to others who’ve done the workout. If the Burn Bar is on, your data anonymously becomes part of it. This workout will not be sent.

You get to see your Burn Bar during workouts as well as at the end. After completing one of your first workouts, you’ll get the option to keep the Burn Bar on or turn it off.