Apple, Google & other tech companies urge Trump not to deport ‘the Dreamers’

Apple is one of around 300 businesses signing an open letter to President Trump urging him not to deport those young adults nick-named ‘the Dreamers’ – first brought to the U.S. illegally as children, but now registered, working and paying taxes.

The Obama administration introduced a program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, which gave them permission to remain living & working in the USA so long as they obtained and renewed work permits. Trump plans to eliminate this program later today …

Re/code reports that Trump plans to immediately cease issuing and renewing all work permits.

Months after promising to approach the issue with “great heart,” the president reportedly is expected to order the government to cease granting work permits for undocumented young adults to stay. Meanwhile, the roughly 800,000 currently registered in DACA would not be allowed to obtain additional work authorizations once their current approvals expire.

The letter, signed by Tim Cook, points out that DACA participants are highly productive members of society.

All DACA recipients grew up in America, registered with our government, submitted to extensive background checks, and are diligently giving back to our communities and paying income taxes. More than 97 percent are in school or in the workforce.

It argues that deporting them would harm the U.S. economy.

At least 72 percent of the top 25 Fortune 500 companies count DACA recipients among their employees […] Our economy would lose $460.3 billion from the national GDP and $24.6 billion in Social Security and Medicare tax contributions.

It says that Dreamers are vital to the future of their companies and to the country, and calls on Trump to preserve the program and Congress to pass a bipartisan act to protect those affected.

The nickname calls to mind the Apple credo, whose opening includes the goal ‘to help dreamers become doers.’ The letter was also signed by Laurene Powell Jobs.

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