Apple Music 3.4 for Android brings iOS 14 inspired redesign 9to5Google

Apple Music has received an update on Android bringing all of the latest enhancements that came with the app’s iOS 14 update, including a redesign and autoplay.

While Apple is not typically known for making their apps and services available on multiple platforms, Apple Music is one of the key exceptions, offering an Android app to anyone willing to pay for the $9.99 per month subscription — or have it bundled with a carrier plan. The latest update to Apple Music for Android, version 3.4, has begun rolling out, having been in beta testing long enough to accidentally reveal the existence of Apple One.

With the update comes a redesign of the app, as originally outlined by Android Police, expanding out to five primary sections in the menu bar. Specifically, “For You” has been replaced with a similar, yet different “Listen Now” view, and the app’s search features have moved from an upper search bar down to the menu bar.