Apple Music adds playlists curated by LRG streetwear clothing brand

Apple Music has added a set of playlists from Lifted Research Group, a streetwear clothing brand. The company said it is thrilled to be a part of Apple Music as it gives them an opportunity to ‘share our diversity in music’.

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Apple Music selectively chooses brands to partner with to offer curated playlists. These playlists were previously accessible through the Browse tab in the Apple Music interface.

However, since the rollout of the redesigned Browse tab, there is no direct way to view curated playlists. Users will have to wait for curated playlists to be recommended to them in For You, featured in Browse, or find by name through search.

LRG is launching four playlists on Apple Music: Children of Vision, Deeper Roots Stronger Branches, Unity Through Diversity, and Underground Inventive Overground Effective.