Apple Park Visitor Center adds new, one-of-a-kind Avenues depicting Apple Watch Series 4, iPhone XS in exquisite detail | 9to5Mac

While standard Apple retail locations around the world have been receiving new graphic panels and 3D Feature Bays for the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4, iPhone XS, and upcoming iPhone XR, Apple Park Visitor Center is a wholly unique place. Coinciding with yesterday’s product launches, the store section of the space received some new and incredibly unique displays.

Samsung Gear 360

Since opening briefly to press for last year’s iPhone X keynote and later to the public in November, Apple Park Visitor Center has featured several exclusive product displays known as Avenues.

Out of ten Avenue windows outlining the store, eight are found at no other store in the world. Highlighting collections like Apple Watch Hermès and spotlighting Apple Park’s architecture, these Avenues offer visitors a special experience. For Fall 2018, four of the eight Avenue windows have been completely redesigned. Special thanks to Marília Guimarães who runs the YouTube channel EntendendoiPhone for graciously providing us with photos.