Apple releases new AirTag loops and keyring through its Amazon storefront

Apple has strangely added several new colors of their AirTag accessories to its Amazon storefront, but not to the Apple online store. There are two new colors of the standard AirTag loop – capri blue and pink citrus. We previously saw these unreleased colors appear on eBay in May. The company has also introduced a new shade of yellow for the leather key ring and leather loop, Meyer lemon.

Both of the new standard AirTag loops are priced at the $29 and deliver in late August. It appears that inventory hasn’t fully set yet. The leather loop is $39 while the leather key ring is $35. All of them are listed as “in stock soon,” so it’s possible that they will show up on Apple’s website eventually. They are fulfilled by Amazon but not Prime eligible.

That is by far the weirdest thing about these new random colors. Apple has never released products exclusively through their Amazon storefront before. These new accessories might have been prematurely posted to Amazon, we’ll just have to wait and see if they appear on