Apple shares highlight photos from yesterday’s iPhone X launch [Gallery]

We shared some of our own photos from yesterday’s event, and now Apple has put together its own set of shots to give a sense of the day.

These show attendees arriving at the Steve Jobs Theater, the main speakers presenting and the hands-on demos following the presentation …

The iPhone 8 surprisingly gets equal billing in the photos, even if all eyes at the event were on the iPhone X.

If you didn’t watch the event live, you can find links to all the news in our roundup. If you want to dive straight into the bottom-line of how the iPhone 8/Plus and iPhone X compare, you’ll find that here.

Jeff has also done an amazing job in condensing down the keynote highlights into a 12-minute video, which you can watch below. You can also recap all of Apple’s own product videos.

We’ll of course have plenty more coverage today, including my own first impressions of the iPhone X following my earlier diary piece. I’ll be explaining why I wasn’t wowed by the device, but was still impressed.

Check out Apple’s photos in the gallery, and Jeff’s supercut below.