Apple shares photos of customers trying and buying iPhone XS & Apple Watch Series 4 | 9to5Mac

Apple has shared some photos of the first customers to get their hands on the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4 …

The photos were are from three countries in time zones where stores open ahead of Europe and the US: Australia, Japan and Singapore.

We saw customers waiting in line at Apple stores around the world (some of them getting free gifts), though fewer of them than last year, as you’d expect in an S-model year. Customers have also been sharing their own photos as they get their hands on both their phones and watches.

Not all those who preordered have smiles on their faces today, however: some are reporting that their UPS deliveries have been delayed until Monday. The explanation offered for this by one UPS support rep seems odd, to say the least, suggesting that Apple had hit its limit on deliveries for one day.

My own Apple Watch Series 4 is still showing delivery for today, though toward the end of the day rather than early in the mornings as I’ve usually experienced for Apple deliveries.

Check out the photos below (click/tap to view full size), and do share any of your own in the comments.